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Year 11 Revision Information Evening

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1 Year 11 Revision Information Evening
Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School Everyone can succeed, but you must want to…

2 Year 11 Revision Information Evening
Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School Introduction – Miss Jakeman Planning and Organising – Mrs Jones Revision Techniques – Miss Jakeman Stress/How can parents help – Miss Jakeman SAM Learning & other websites – Mrs Jones

3 Planning a Revision Programme
Start in good time. Spread out the range of subjects. One or two subjects per evening. Time for relaxation. Allow days off (unless close to exams). Study specific topics. Revision timetable and exam details. Half-hour or one hour slots.


5 Organisation Organise space to work at home.
Organise materials needed to revise. If necessary, ask teachers for a list of topics to revise. Make sure time will be available to revise.

6 Revision Tips Choose your environment carefully.
Use mornings for new or difficult things. Music can help: wordless music, bpm…

7 Revision Tips Be aware of how you learn best.
Mind Maps, Diagrams, Flash Cards. Put information around the room (post-its). Review what you have learned.


9 Revision Tips Use mnemonics e.g. SATSUMA in Food Technology.
Use stories to link information. Podcasts for MP3 players. Use visual objects.

10 In the exam Read the front cover of the paper before the exam starts.
Read the questions carefully. Answer the question. Don’t repeat it and don’t waffle. Check how many marks are available for each question. If necessary, go on to next question. Check all calculations. Check information in graphs, charts and pictures. Go back to more difficult questions after answering the more straightforward ones.

Don’t try to be perfect. Take steps to overcome problems. Find someone you can talk to. A bit of ‘me’ time, but not too much! Be positive – YOU CAN DO IT!

Encourage your daughter to get enough sleep. Encourage healthy eating. Encourage exercise. Offer support. Lighten the pressure.

Keep a note of exam dates. Provide the right environment – quiet, well-lit, few interruptions, no distractions. Encourage daughter to take breaks. Listen to any concerns etc.

14 IF PANIC SETS IN! Stop! Breathe slowly and deeply several times.
Try to relax muscles. Start at the top and work down. Use mental imagery to create a ‘happy, calming place’. Give yourself time to enjoy the peace. Have a short break. Start again.

15 Sam learning – What it is
Web-based service. Primarily for KS2, KS3 and GCSE. Online revision and exam practise. Students do and mark their own work. Online progress reports for teachers. Reorganised according to the exam board.

16 Sam learning – What it does
Improves exam results with target use of only 10 hours (in total). Through: Better exam technique. Helps you understand what examiners are looking for. Gives you exam practise and revision. Additional work outside school hours.


18 SAM Learning Login Centre ID: EN5 QE2.
User ID: Date of birth followed by two initials. 010895DJ for David Jones born on 1st August 1995 Password: Same as User ID – change once logged on.








26 We wish every success to all our year 11 students
in their preparation for the GCSE exams … in their exams and … for their future.

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