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The Late Roman Republic “From Republic to Empire”.

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1 The Late Roman Republic “From Republic to Empire”

2 Transition from Republic to Empire Social Class Conflict (Rich vs. Poor) –Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus Civil War –Marius and Sulla Slave Revolts –Spartacus

3 The First Triumvirate Crassus Pompey Julius Caesar

4 Marcus Licinius Crassus MARCVS·LICINIVS·CRASSVS Wealthiest man in Rome –Fire department Term “crass” named for him –adjective, 1.without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse 53 BC – Killed by the Parthians –His head was used as a prop in a play

5 Pompey the Great CNAEVS·POMPEIVS·MAGNVS 48 BC – Caesar defeated him at the Battle of Pharsalus; Pompey fled to Egypt and was assassinated –King Ptolemy presented Pompey’s head as a gift when Julius Caesar arrived in Egypt

6 Julius Caesar CAiVS·IVLIVS·CAESAR General, politician, and historian Wanted to be like Alexander the Great Loved by the commoners –generous –smart –was human  suffered occasional epileptic seizures

7 Julius Caesar CAiVS·IVLIVS·CAESAR Reforms / Accomplishments –Increased Roman controlled lands –Made Rome, and himself, wealthy –Gave public lands to the poor –Granted citizenship to people in the provinces –Public works programs (roads, aqueducts, temples, arenas, other public buildings, etc.) –New calendar set up with 365 days + extra day for leap year –Helped end the Republic and establish an Empire (killed before becoming emperor)

8 Julius Caesar CAiVS·IVLIVS·CAESAR 44 BC – Ides of March (March 15), Assassinated by “friends” in the Senate

9 Julius Caesar CAiVS·IVLIVS·CAESAR –“Beware the Ides of March!” –Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus led the assassination –Et tu, Bruté?

10 The Second Triumvirate Lepidus Marc Antony Octavian

11 Second Triumvirate Second Triumvirate was formed to hunt down Brutus and Cassius Brutus and Cassius both chose suicide after defeat at Phillipi rather than humiliation and execution

12 Octavian CaivsIVLIVSCAESAROCTAVIANVS General and politician Great-nephew of Julius Caesar In his will, Caesar adopted Octavian as a son and heir to his estate Hunted down Caesar’s assassins

13 Marcus Lepidus Marcvs·AEMILIVS·LEPIDVS General and politician Supported Julius Caesar against Pompey Caesar made him dictator Octavian forced Lepidus out of Rome and out of the Triumvirate to gain power 36 BC – Exiled from Rome

14 Marc Antony Marcvs·ANTONIVS General and politician Excellent athlete Julius Caesar’s true friend Delivered a famous speech at Caesar’s funeral –“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…” Helped Octavian hunt down Caesar’s assassins

15 Marc Antony Marcvs·ANTONIVS 31 BC – Went to Egypt to escape the power-hungry Octavian –Fell in love with Cleopatra

16 The Battle of Actium 31 BC - In the Gulf of Actium (near Greece) Roman Navy –Small, fast ships Egyptian Navy –Antony & Cleopatra –Large, slow ships Victory for Rome –Egypt is now just another Roman province

17 Marc Antony Marcvs·ANTONIVS 30 BC – Fell on his sword –Heard a rumor that Cleopatra was dead, so he committed suicide –Cleopatra was still alive …. Oops! –She then committed suicide too –Octavian killed Caesar and Cleopatra’s son Caesarion

18 Octavian  Augustus Caesar CaivsIVLIVSCAESAROCTAVIANVS  IMPeratorCAESARDIVIAVGVSTVS Promised the Senate that he would restore peace Offered to give up his power Senate proclaimed him –princeps (first citizen) –Augustus (revered one; exalted one) 27 BC – Octavian became Augustus Caesar, Rome’s first emperor

19 Augustus Caesar IMPeratorCAESARDIVIAVGVSTVS Began the Pax Romana (Roman Peace) Ruled as emperor during the birth of Jesus 27 BC – AD 14

20 The Roman Republic 509 BC – 27 BC

21 The Roman Empire and its comparison with Star Wars = ?

22 Began as a republic and later became an empire

23 Rebellion against the oppressive government The Rebel Alliance against the evil Empire

24 General Octavian  Caesar Augustus –Kills off his opponents to become emperor to “restore peace to the Republic” Anakin Skywalker  Darth Vader  OR Senator Palpatine  The Emperor 

25 The Roman Military –Could conquer entire empires (Carthage, Egypt, etc.) The Death Star –Could destroy planets

26 Battle of Actium –Smaller, faster Roman ships defeated the powerful, yet bulky, Egyptian ships Death Star Battle –Smaller, faster X-Wing fighters defeat the Death Star

27 Rome –Largest city on Earth at the time Coruscant

28 Pod RaceChariot Race

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