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Comenius 2013-2015 “We all smile in the same language”

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1 Comenius 2013-2015 “We all smile in the same language”

2 “The Sly Fox” A man is sewing a racket. The man carries a barrel with grape juice. A fox tries to steel the grapes but the man catches her. The fox then goes to the king and apologizes. The fox finds a coin and gives it to the king. Then the fox finds the king’s daughter. The princess marries that man who was sewing the rackets and, with their carriage, they go to the castle. Dragons lived in the castle and the fox throws them in the well. The interpretation by the Greek children Traditional Story from Cyprus

3 The Fox and the Shoemaker Many years ago there was a shoemaker that was very poor. One day, he had A beautiful plant and saw a fox that wanted to eat it. The fox was very happy Because the shoemaker did not do anything bad to him, he just warned the Fox not to eat what was not his. From that very day, the fox began to look for Coins in order to help the poor shoemaker. When the king saw that all those Coins belonged to the shoemaker he allowed his daughter to marry the shoemaker. They got married and all the dragons in the palace were burnt so they lived Happily ever after. Traditional Story from Cyprus The interpretation by the Spanish children

4 The Fox and the King “Once upon a time a fox. She was sitting down and had a friend. The friend of the fox was making dinner. The friend went to pick up a jug with water to give to the fox but he got tired. Then the fox climbed up the vine and felt like sniffing grapes. The friend called on the fox to drink water from the jug and took off the fox tree because she was trying to eat the grapes. Then the fox got upset and gone take a walk and crossed one bridge until he came to a King castle. Then king said he was weighing some gold coins to try to get rich. The fox gave a few coins to the king and in return he gave him a pink cape. The king weighed the coins that the fox had given him and noticed of them was a gold. The king were so happy that he called a princess to go to the castle and they adopted the fox as a pet. Then the fox said to his friend who was now he was a pet and now she could not leave the castle but could keep on going to be his friend because he was no longer angry. Then the priest married the princess to the king because he was rich and then they went on carriage to the castle. The fox, who was in the castle, was handling dragons and picked up a stick and managed to get rid of them. The fox could be stronger and then burned in a dungeon dragons. So they all lived happily ever after because there was no more dragons in the castle. " The interpretation by the Portuguese children Traditional Story from Cyprus

5 The interpretation by the Icelandic children Traditional Story from Cyprus The fox and the shoemaker First the man had gloves and then he hid. He saw that the fox stole the grapes and then he went to and pulled it to catch the fox. The fox escaped and went to the king with rocks and then the fox brought the scale. The basketball player is wearing a skirt and is watching. Then the fox goes into the woods wearing a cape and finds a rock of gold (or maybe a yo-yo). The fox gives the king the rock of gold. The fox is fat but the princess is beautiful. The king is cool. The shoemaker and the fox gave „a High five“! The king and the queen are getting married (No! This is the princess marrying a prince). The princess and the prince are on their way to their palace in their carriage. The dragons are going to eat the fox. The fox is picking flowers for the princess.

6 Traditional Story from Cyprus The interpretation by the Swedish children The Fox and the Shoemaker It was a fox and a boy. The fox ate the boy´s grapes that was in the tree, but he was caught by the boy. The fox went to the king and gave him coins. They weighted the coins. Then the boy could marry the princess and the fox killed the dragons.

7 The interpretation by the Italian children Traditional Story from Cyprus “The fox and the shoemaker” Once upon a time there was a shoemaker who repaired shoes, above him there were grapes. The shoemaker is taking shoes in a flower pot. The fox is going to pick the grapes on the vine and eat it. The shoemaker goes to the fox and take her by the tail because it is his grapes, and he tells her. "Go away and never come back." The fox goes away. She goes to the king and said, "I couldn’t take the grapes" and she brings to the king some nuts. The fox returned to the king with his cloak, and a penny in her hand. The king takes the money and puts it on the scale. The fox asks the king's daughter “What’s your name?” and she says “Lisa”. The fox returns to the shoemaker and says “I knew the king and the king's daughter” The princess decides to marry the shoemaker because he gave her flowers. They go to the castle on the mountain. In the castle, however, there are 3 dragons and the fox made ​​ them flee, they fled into the well and then the fox burned them. At the end of the shoemaker and the king's daughter go to live in the castle.

8 The Fox and the Shoemaker The first class said they liked the story, though they had trouble explaining what it was about. They all knew it was about a fox and some grapes. “The fox ate all the grapes and he made a house for the dragons.” “The fox said hide!” “I like this story because the fox hid the dragons.” “I know what it’s called, The fox and the shoemaker.” “I like the dragons.” >The second class were asked. Question: Did you like the story? Answer: 'Yes, I really liked it because of the nice pictures‘ 'Yes, it made me feel excited to see what would happen next' Q: What did you think the story is about? A: 'I thought it was about a fox being really kind and helping the man‘ 'I thought the story was about the king trying to find a man to marry his daughter' Q: Who was your favourite character? A:'I like the fox because he was kind‘ 'I like the king because he lives in a palace' Q: What did you learn from this story? A: 'I learnt that the fox is very clever The interpretation by the British children Traditional Story from Cyprus

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