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Chapter 3- English Colonies are Created

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2 Chapter 3- English Colonies are Created
The land had been discovered and explored, now it needs to be colonized. Chapter Objectives: 1-To describe how the Jamestown colony became a successful settlement 2-To identify the Pilgrims and the Puritans and where they settled 3-To explain how each English colony came into being 4-To describe what life was like in colonial times 5-To recognized which colonies made up the New England, middle, and southern regions

3 Jamestown Colony 4 month trip from England to Virginia-in 1607 Jamestown was established Jamestown’s Conditions Region was swampy and did not have good drinking water Paid little attention to working and growing crops rather finding gold and silver Mosquitos carrying malaria and other diseases Conditions improve Settlers found a leader in John Smith-set up a rule that everyone needed to work John Smith tried to get along with the Powhatans Supplied the starving settlers with corn


5 Jamestown Colony 1610 three more English ships carrying supplies and 150 more settlers arrived 3 Important Events took place 1-Lord Delaware was made governor 2-John Rolfe planted tobacco which allowed them to make money off the crop 3-John Rolfe married a young Indian women named Pocahontas (daughter of the Powhatan chief) which improved the settlers and Indians relationship

6 Jamestown Colony House of Burgesses was formed
This was a group of people that met to make laws for the larger group This proved to be the beginning of the representative form of government for America

7 Pilgrims and the Puritans
Plymouth Company had rights to settle in Virginia however they actually settled in New England Pilgrims Group of separatists (pilgrims) who did not agree with the religious beliefs of King James I They wanted to break away from the Church of England completely They were treated very poorly, and many first fled to Holland, but they were not comfortable with that setting

8 Pilgrims What Plan did the Pilgrims make? Pilgrims Voyage
London Company supplied ships and all the supplies under 3 conditions 1-could settle on the land belonged to the London company in Virginia 2-settlers would work for 7 years and give all the profits back to the investors 3-after 7 years they were free to do as they wished Pilgrims Voyage 64 day voyage on the Mayflower The ship was blown off course and they landed in present day cape cod Called their colony Plymouth


10 Mayflower Compact Mayflower Compact
Because they landed farther north and where they were not chartered, they held a meeting and set up their own rules of government Elected a leader and agreed to pass laws with the majority rule of the group This marked the beginning of Democracy in America

11 Puritans Puritans Unhappy with King James I and their religious ideas
Received a charter in the name of the Massachusetts Bay Colony 1000 teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers and merchants set out on a fleet of 15 ships Landed in Boston in 1630 John Winthrop became the governor of the new settlement Within a few years the settlement had grown to nearly 10,000 settlers

12 The English Colonies Grow
Maryland Under new King Charles I Maryland colony was created 1632 Passed the Toleration Act requiring all settlers to enjoy religious freedom Rhode Island Roger Williams spoke out against the strict Puritans laws and fled Started the of Providence, which is today in Rhode Island Connecticut Another group of Puritans were interested in migrating west to the Connecticut Valley Thomas Hooker started the colony in 1636


14 Other Colonies Settled
Carolina 1663 English nobles requested a charter to settle the land of Carolina Charleston named after King Charles II became and important port Political arguments forced the splitting of Carolina in 1729 into North and South Carolina New York New York began in 1609 as a Dutch colony also called New Netherland English took over the Dutch colony in 1664 and renamed it New York

15 Other Colonies New Hampshire Pennsylvania Delaware New Jersey Georgia
This colony was part of Massachusetts for 39 years until it was sold to the king of England in 1679 Pennsylvania William Penn was granted a charter Penn was a Quaker who believed in equality of all people Delaware 1682 William Penn was also granted the land know today as Delaware Dutch, Swedes and Finns settled here New Jersey 1702 New Jersey became a colony Georgia James Ogelthorpe aske for a charter where the poor and unfortunate could settle whey they left prison 1733 the colonists arrived in what is today Savannah Georgia

16 13 Colonies Established Settlement of the 13 colonies took place between 1607 and 1733 Population by the late 1600’s was estimated around 200, ,000

17 The Size of the Colonies Increase
Life in the Colonies American Life was taking shape Farmers planted crops, merchants sold and shipped goods Wealthy class of merchants, and large planters Middle class of farmers, shopkeepers, artisans, and teachers Lower class were the unskilled workers, indentured servants, and slaves Indentured Servant Worker who would come to the colonies and have their trip paid for, housing and food paid for Usually worked for 4-7 years

18 3 Colonial Regions Northern of New England Colonies Middle Colonies
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Shipbuilding, lumbering, fishing, trading, and ironworks became their main source of work Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware Mixed climate which provided grains such as corn and wheat Called the bread colonies producing large amounts of grain Southern Colonies Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia Warmer climate provided greater growing seasons on plantations Grew “money crops” such as rice, tobacco, and indigo Slave labor was introduced to the wealthy plantation owners


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