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Refugees and asylum-seekers A presentation for schools.

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1 Refugees and asylum-seekers A presentation for schools

2 WHAT IS A REFUGEE? A person whose asylum claim was successful, because they have “a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion”, if they go home. (They have been legally allowed to stay in the country…) WHAT IS AN ASYLUM-SEEKER? A person who has fled persecution in their country and has made a claim to seek international protection (asylum) somewhere else. (N.B. claiming asylum is a human right.)

3 If you had to leave your home suddenly, what 3 things would you grab to take with you..? What have you forgotten..?

4 Where do refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK come from? Iraq Iran Eritrea Somalia Zimbabwe Afghanistan Pakistan Sri Lanka China

5 Other definitions: Economic Migrant A person who chooses to leave their country to find a better paid job. (e.g. people from EU countries coming to work in England) Illegal Immigrant someone who goes to live or work in another country when they do not have the legal right to do this. Refused Asylum Seeker A person who hasn’t been able to prove that they would face persecution back home and has had their application turned down… N.B. There is no such thing as an “illegal asylum-seeker”.

6 Some opinions about refugees and asylum-seekers: “so-called asylum-seekers…in reality seek no more than access to our welfare system” “We have no obligation to take these people in” Actually, we have a legal obligation to do so - UN Convention 1951. ( 145 countries have signed the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention) Asylum- seekers are not allowed to claim mainstream welfare benefits. If supported, a single adult has to survive on £38.26 a week, which is 30% below the poverty line. Asylum-seekers are not allowed to work. “I feel asylum seekers like me should be repaying through the tax system everything that has been given us by the UK…”

7 Asylum-seekers take our housing. “One in five flock here. Asylum: we’re too damn soft” Asylum-seekers have no right to permanent housing. They are usually housed in temporary, sub-standard accommodation. Not true. The number of asylum applications to the UK is decreasing. Nobody is given more than 5 years leave to remain. 79% of people claiming asylum are refused. The UK only hosts 2% of the world’s refugees. Main host countries: 1. Pakistan 2. Iran 3. Syria 4. Germany 5. Jordan 6. Kenya 7. Chad 8. China Are people confusing refugees/asylum-seekers with economic migrants..? Some opinions about refugees and asylum-seekers:

8 “The problem is that these f****** people are rubbish in their own country and they come over here; they bring nothing except problems; they have no interest in learning about us or our ways; they just live among their own.” “They don’t exactly bring a load of money into our economy… Have you ever got near them? They really must stink! …Their economy is in a mess. They can’t make money, they have no jobs at home, so they come over here to mess up our economy and to take our jobs. And why is there so much unemployment in their own country? Because they’re a lazy lot, who don’t want to work. Well, let them be warned they won’t be allowed to live on social security here. Well readers, what do YOU think of these _____ who keep coming here? Should we let them into __________ at all?” A. 5 million Q. How many British people work overseas? British Poms Australia

9 Contributions refugees can make: In 1999-2000 refugees made a net fiscal contribution of about £2.6 billion 18 refugees have become Nobel Laureates. 16 refugees have received knighthoods. Over 1000 refugees and asylum-seekers with medical backgrounds (in England) Over 900 refugees and asylum-seekers with teaching backgrounds (in England)

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