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Christine Hardy, A&D & Ed Foster, NTU Library

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1 Christine Hardy, A&D & Ed Foster, NTU Library
Online induction – 2013 Christine Hardy, A&D & Ed Foster, NTU Library

2 Outcomes How this work fits into induction & the wider Starting at NTU initiative Student feedback from 2012 Guidance for course teams on each of the pages Good practice in pre-entry activities Deadlines 2013 Take a short break after 30 minutes How to upload content using Rythmyx – a practical refresher session from Digital Marketing Questions and problem solving

3 Our overall aim is student transition
Johnston 2010 (p4) The student experience of change involved in joining the university; The programmes of academic and other activities, which the university provides to support and enhance student transition Tinto (1993) Academic transition Social transition 3 stages – separation, transition, integration Tinto interested in integration (later student engagement) which arises through interplay of Pre-entry experiences & education Goals and motivation Institutional experience

4 Transition through the Student Lifecycle
Aspiration Raising Pre entry & Admission Initial Induction First year Moving through the course Employ-ment HEFCE Student lifecycle (2001)


6 Starting at NTU: Aims Since 2011, functions as a one stop shop for students to: Complete enrolment & booking accommodation Some advice & guidance Series of videos Social media Complete the pre-entry stage of their course inductions Overall aim Ease transition into HE Re-engage students with the subject they’ve chosen Help complete compulsory processes

7 Welcome Week & Initial Induction

8 Initial Induction (Cook & Rushton (2008))
Key expectations (tested with students in 2007, 2008 & reviewed in 2012) Students wanted: An opportunity to develop friendships/ form peer support networks Primarily with students, but also reassurance of knowing staff To see in advance the course induction timetable Now through Starting at NTU To understand the nature of learning and teaching & be reassured that they’ll cope Structure – course & physical orientation to the campus Learning and teaching Support To understand how the course would benefit them in the future Less mentioned in 2012 To have a timetable fit around other commitments Far less important and scarcely mentioned in 2012

9 Welcome Week 2013 Welcome to NTU Changes Monday 23 September
Same essential structure as 2013 Freshers Fairs, Sunday Social, Saturday Antics Changes Directly recruiting ‘Network’ Reps Community of scholars Induction outside the classroom Funded opportunities to show off Earlier activities during the first weekend More small scale activities throughout the week

10 Extended induction

11 Extended Induction (Cook & Rushton (2008))
Nobody is fully inducted by the end of the first week Despite the logistical convenience So how and when do we induct students throughout the first term/year? Academic tutorials? Rites of passage approach? Re induction after Christmas? Reflective practitioner approach throughout the year?

12 Student Feedback 2012








20 Main issue from 2012 Communications Recommended actions
In 2012, central only Anecdotal evidence that fewer students attended inductions Concerns about students not completing pre-entry activities Recommended actions Return to School/ Course communication to students about induction Pointing out the importance of looking at Starting at NTU Central communications to be sharpened up Starting at NTU guide Starting at NTU web pages & s

21 Starting at NTU Course Induction Pages
& pre-arrival activities

22 Deadlines Mid-June Training for staff new to Rythmyx Friday 12 July
Deadline for course induction content to be forwarded from academics to school admin teams (Please note that as this is the Friday before graduation ceremonies, earlier is definitely better) Friday 16 August All induction pages to be finally uploaded by Digital Marketing, early inductions will be uploaded first All content needs to be uploaded to Rythmyx by this date (please note that this includes the course induction timetable)

23 Starting at NTU pages Written by the LTC Written by the course team
My Course (5-600 words) Welcome from the course leader & team Course description First year module list Course design Pre-arrival induction activity (5-600 words) Introduction Purpose of the activity Description of what students need to do How the activity will be integrated into the course induction Contact details Course induction timetable Written by the LTC My learning Assessment Academic support

24 Pre-arrival activities
Research task Bournemouth University nursing Engaging with the literature Biological Sciences Note: It can be difficult to question the information presented in books, but we want you to start thinking critically rather than assuming everything you read is set in stone. Social networking Most students are wary at this stage and tend to lurk rather than engage Key questions about the discipline Visual diary, engaging with media, write a short (250 words) research paper

25 Good practice Use it to model behaviour you want students to engage with But keep it relatively light Ensure that it is tied into the induction Use this as lesson in HE Do the related activity later in induction week To give students time to catch up if they haven’t done the task before arriving So they’ll need warning in your first session

26 Thanks very much

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