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Integrating Digital Media & Branding

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1 Integrating Digital Media & Branding
CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing (Media and Branding) Assignment Briefing June & September 2014 Papers

2 Introduction to the Assignment
Based on a case study about Amazon provided within the paper Expected to conduct further research using the resources provided as well as sourcing your own Your role is a Digital Marketing Assistant for an organisation of your choice 2 tasks Both tasks 2,000 words Report and presentation format Tip: Read Previous Examiners Reports

3 Organisation Overview
2 sides of A4 Allows CIM examiner to see the context of your assignment No marks awarded - but should still be coherent and well written. Should succinctly describe: Who the organisation is, organisation type, size and a brief history What product/services are offered, overview of main brands, key customer groups and markets operated in and key competitors Online offering and presence Description of chosen produce/service (for communications plan in task one).

4 Task One Element one (7/50 Marks) 2000 words (+/- 10%), report format
Using the case study and web resources provided is key to assisting you in answering the tasks Element one (7/50 Marks) Identify the value of Amazon in the context of the changing role of media Define and describe Amazon What is then the value that Amazon can provide organisations? What opportunities does it offer organisations to grow their own businesses? How is the role of media changing with the arrival of large e-commerce websites like Amazon? How does Amazon support this changing role?

5 Task One Element two (9/50 Marks)
Evaluate Amazon as a communications medium and its links with other media Required to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Amazon as a communication medium – how can it assist an organisation to communicate with its audiences? Should consider the implications on wider brand image and whether using heavily branded e-commerce platforms will enhance or detract from the organisation’s own branding. As part of the evaluation should suggest how Amazon can complement other media, both digital and traditional.

6 Task One Element three (9/50 Marks)
Assess the role of branding communications and brand development within e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon Consider e-commerce platforms here such as Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree etc. Should combine with theory around developing brands and brand communications How can e-commerce platforms assist in enabling brand engagement and development? How can e-commerce platforms enable engagement and participation with a brand – how does it enable two-way brand communications?

7 Task One Element four (20/50 marks)
Include an outlined integrated marketing communications plan for a product /service that can be developed with Amazon playing a lead role Focus on a product/service offered by the chosen organisation Use the communications planning framework: context analysis, clear SMART communication objectives, communication strategy (target audience, creative and media strategy), justified media selection, evaluation recommendations, a timeline and budget. Amazon must play a lead role within the communications plan You may need to discuss the application of Amazon to your business with your tutor.

8 Task Two Element One (9/50 marks)
Produce a presentation to analyse how your organisation could employ paid, owned and earned media. Produce slides and speaker notes - 2,000 (+/- 10%) words for speaker notes and maximum of 12 slides (excluding slide used for front cover or bibliographies) Element One (9/50 marks) Summarise the similarities and differences between paid for, owned and earned media Required to define the three terms listed Suggest the strengths and weaknesses of each as well as highlighting the differences and similarities. Summary should include comparisons of the three aspects of cost, speed and effectiveness

9 Task Two Element two (9/50 marks)
Analyse of how each form of media overlaps the others Should provide an explanation of how the media work and are used together Are they used in parallel or in sequence? Does one medium lead the consumer to another medium? How do they overlap? See Chaffey text book for an helpful explanation.

10 Task Two Element three (10/50 marks) Element Four (12/50 marks)
Explain how each form of media (paid, owned & earned) might augment or downgrade a brand How can each media type downgrade brand? (inconsistent presentation of the brand across the different media, negative PR, over-repetition) How can each media type augment a brand? (reverse detrimental news stories, respond to negative PR, support branding activities) Element Four (12/50 marks) Analyse the way in which your organisation could use each form of media in brand campaigns Should suggest how your organisation could use paid, owned and earned media within a more integrated campaign – why would this be beneficial for them to use in this case? Must ensure you contextualise your answers.

11 Task Two Element Five (5/50 marks)
Recommend, with justification, as to whether this type of engagement would be beneficial to the brand Would engaging in paid, owned and earned media be useful to your organisation to support the brand and its digital campaigns? Would depend on your organisation’s target audience, objectives and products. Must support and justify your answer

12 Presenting Task Two Use the slide and speaker notes function (you can find this under ‘View’ and then ‘Notes Page’) The presentation should be presented as a Word document (or PDF) and there is an option to save the presentation as a Word file within PowerPoint. The slides should reflect the requirements of the task as well as the mark scheme Slides should be simple and should not contain too much text The presentation should reflect the audience it is for The speaker notes should be complete enough for the manager who will be delivering the presentation to fully understand what he/she needs to say but they do not actually need to be a script – extended bullet points. See examples on Oxcom Learning

13 Presentation 10 format and presentation marks awarded over 2 tasks
Marks awarded for: Relevance to the tasks Concepts and frameworks Professional tone and required format Harvard Referencing Also note requirements for submission for PowerPoint slides and file sizes.

14 Questions? Contact your assignment tutor Contact the support team

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