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Accelerating the transition of new executives to their organization, team and role Karen R. West, PhD YSC US South Office Houston, Texas Office: Cell:

2 Initial On Boarding Coaching
Phase 6 Final Transition Meeting Phase 5 Transition Meeting 2 Review Progress and Pulse Results Discuss Ongoing Issues Development Planning Phase 4 Transition Meeting 1 Review On Boarding Experience and Initial Pulse Results Review experience with Reporting Senior Review/Coaching regarding Integration Plan Phase 3 EDP Team Integration Process Review/Coaching regarding Integration Plan Feedback to Reporting Senior Determine Pulse Questions Phase 2 Pre-Interview Phase 1 Four Hour Interview Feedback to Executive & Reporting Senior Written Report regarding Key Initial On Boarding Issues Executive Given Integration Plan Guidelines Initiate Process & Schedule Assessment Reporting Senior Interviewed: Strengths Concerns or Opportunities New executive scheduled for meeting with YSC Process described to executive Questions answered

3 Implementation Guidelines
Initial On Boarding Coaching works when: New leader comes from outside company New leader transfers from an associated operation New leader due for promotion or role changes Best when: Process started within first 30 to 60 days Facilitated by: 2 YSC consultants, including the same YSC consultant who conducted the EDP; 1 with smaller teams

4 Phases 1-3: Environmental Scan
1. New executive is scheduled for meeting with YSC 2. Key Individuals interviewed: Reporting senior, Outgoing executive, others as desired Strengths Opportunities Concerns Role challenges and goals 3. EDP conducted Four hour interview On Boarding Integration Plan is given and explained, timeline set and scheduled for initial first draft, EDP feedback session, and Team Integration Process (note: all on same trip) Written report generated regarding key Initial On Boarding Issues

5 Phase 4: Team Integration & Feedback
Team Integration Process Team process to integrate leader with understanding of organization and team Review of On Boarding Integration Plan After Team Integration Process in order to include relevant information from Team Integration Process Feedback to Reporting Senior A 3 way conversation regarding: On Boarding Integration Plan Discussion regarding other emergent issues Determine 5 or 6 Pulse questions for follow-up feedback from team and reporting senior

Objectives Activities Prepare leader for process YSC Consultants meets with Leader to: Review the process and establish objectives. Review and revise questions. Explore special issues and concerns. Prepare team for process (Optional) If significant underlying issues exist between the Leader and the Team, the YSC Consultants should meet with Team Members to: Review the process, objectives, and benefits. Review questions. Seek additional questions. Explore special issues or concerns. Gather Team data YSC Consultants meets with the Team to: Review agenda Gather Team’s responses to selected questions. Record all responses on flipchart or transparency. Record additional issues/questions in a “Parking Lot.” NOTE: Also can conduct one-one-one sessions depending on situation Prepare Leader for discussion YSC Consultants meets with the Leader to: Review information gathered from Team. Plan for discussion YSC Consultants summarizes responses? Leader reacts to selected questions? Leader responds to all questions? Plan Leader’s key messages. Exchange information Foster mutual learning Build trust and encourage open communication Leader and Team reconvene. The Leader: Comments on the Team’s responses. Communicates key messages. The YSC Consultants: Records Team commitments and Leader commitments. Records future agenda items on “Parking Lot.” Provide closure for the discussion As a final step, the YSC Consultants brings closure to the process by reviewing any agreements regarding action steps or parking lot issues. Many groups close the session with a team-building event. 1. Planning (with Leader) 2. Planning (with Team) Optional 3. Data Gathering (with Team) 4. Debrief (with Leader) 5. Leader & Team Discussion 6. Close 1

7 Objectives of Team Integration Process
Accelerate the creation of effective working relationships between a new leader and their team Become acquainted with respective operating styles Establish open channels of communication Understand mutual expectations Exchange views

8 Outcomes for New Leader from Team Integration Process
Leader can share ideas and philosophies Clarify mutual expectations Build foundation of trust Leader can hear and address the team’s concerns and questions thereby: Alleviate potential misunderstandings Dispel erroneous group assumptions Gain insight into the Team’s operating style and their expectations

9 Outcomes for Team from Team Integration Process
Brings the team together to create alignment about: New leader How they want to function Learn the new Leader’s operating style, personal priorities and expectations Take advantage of a forum that allows team to surface as a group, potentially sensitive issues or concerns

10 SAMPLE AGENDA for Team Integration Process
Time Activity Location 5 min. Welcome Meeting objectives Agenda Ground Rules and Commitments Conference Room 60 to 90 min. Data Gathering (with Team) Gather responses to “Questions to the Team.” Break (Team takes Break during Leader Debrief) 30 min. Debrief (with Leader) Debrief Leader on group responses. Prepare Leader’s responses. (While Group is on Break) 90 min. Leader & Team Discussion YSC Consultant sets a positive tone for the discussion by first reviewing the group’s overall “messages” to the Leader. Leader reviews and comments on responses gathered from “Questions to the Team.” Leader communicates their key messages to the group. YSC Consultant records “Team Commitments” and “Leader Commitments,” as well as “Parking Lot Issues” (i.e., future agenda items) during the discussion. Close Action item review. Parking lot review. Summarize Team Commitments and Leader Commitments. Ground Rules 1. The Leader has the right not to respond to any question. 2. If they do answer, it is the truth as they know it. Commitments The group agrees to keep this process: 1 Candid 2 Constructive 3 Confidential 4 Fun

11 On Boarding Integration Plan
Situation Assessment Relationship Development Business Plan & Priorities Personal Performance Objectives Personal Development Organizational Assessment Development of Effective Team Processes The Team Integration Process informs some or all aspects of the ON BOARDING Integration Plan

12 Example Psynergy Integration Plan
Areas to Address Actions / Key Dates Results / Next Steps Situation Assessment Reach out vertically and horizontally Actively solicit opinions, ideas Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in areas of accountability Establish list of priorities Organization Effectiveness Assessment How do they help or hinder effectiveness: Structure Systems Processes Culture Relationship Development Identify and reach out to key stakeholders to build rapport, relationships and understanding Business Plan / Priorities Clarify strategic direction and priorities Develop a clear business plan Personal Performance Objectives Develop personal performance targets Personal Development Develop personal vision statement What steps will be taken to specifically address personal development needs Organization Assessment Assess talent/skills of people Identify actions as appropriate Development plans for Direct Reports Reassignments Promotions Exits Develop an Effective Team Process Role clarity Decision making Process Authority Meeting and business review processes)

13 Phase 5: Review & Refocus
Review On Boarding Experience Thus Far Review/Coaching regarding Integration Plan Review Process with Reporting Senior, checking for: Validity Emerging Concerns

14 Phase 6: Ongoing Development
Review Progress Review/Coaching regarding Integration Plan Developmental Planning, including: A 3 way conversation with Reporting Senior, regarding: Review of Integration plan Discussions regarding other emergent issues Future opportunities



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