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Budget Briefings Special Schools and PRUs 2014-15 Financial Year.

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1 Budget Briefings Special Schools and PRUs 2014-15 Financial Year

2 toilets fire exits breaks timingsphones confidentiality Domestics

3 Today’s Session Context and Key Points 2014-15 Budget - High Needs Overview - High Needs Block - Dual Placement Recap 2015-16 and Beyond Messages from our Partners – Schools Choice and EFMS

4 Cash flat per pupil funding for Schools & Early Years Blocks Final High Needs Block figures in March Pupil Premium will continue to be funded as an allocation outside of DSG Minimum Funding Guarantee -1.5%. No indication for 2015-16 as yet Protection arrangements still in place – all things being equal SCC funding pressures New Free School Meal (FSM) arrangements Context

5 Pupil Premium This is the only source of growth in funding to schools New Rates £1,300 for primary-aged pupils £935 for secondary-aged pupils £1,900 for all looked after children £300 for service children

6 Pupil Premium Pupil Premium is specific to individual children As an LA we would advise schools to direct and transfer this funding appropriately: i.e. –Where a child moves school –Where a child is in a dual placement Recommended that any Year 7 Catch Up funding is also directed appropriately

7 Suffolk County Council Future Funding Challenge

8 From Sept 2014 every child in YR, Y1 and 2 will be offered a FSM. Suffolk has £1.7m capital funding to help upgrade Kitchens and Dining facilities. - this will be allocated based on LA assessment of need - insufficient funding for all schools needs so will be based on greatest need New arrangements for Free School Meals (FSM)

9 The government has announced that Schools will be allocated a flat rate of £2.30 per meal taken. Allocated on School Census next year No clear guidance on funding in 2014-15 We assume that this year an allocation will be made based on January Census with an assumed % taken up We assume this will be allocated as a targeted grant that we will passport through to schools We assume this funding will be available to allocate before September New arrangements for Free School Meals (FSM) - Revenue

10 Key Points DSG is allocated in to the three blocks; These blocks are not ring-fenced Funding can be moved between blocks – with School Forum approval. Total DSG

11 Academies Schools Accountancy Team calculates academy budgets in the same way as Local Authority (LA) maintained schools Funding recouped by Education Funding Agency (EFA) who calculate academy budgets –EFA uses same Formula as LA –Extra funds for additional responsibilities Funded from September to August to reflect the academic year This session is primarily aimed at maintained schools, but still apples to academies General Annual Grant (GAG)

12 Capital Funding remains at low level for both schools and Local Authority Projected Funding to Local Authority Plus additional £1.7m for FSM policy SCC priorities remain: –School Organisational Review –Urgent Health and Safety condition work –Place provision 2014-152015-162016-17 Maintenance Basic Need10.9m1.0m

13 Per SchoolPer Primary Full time equivalent Pupil Per Secondary Full time equivalent Pupil Per PRU or Special Full time equivalent pupil £4,000£11.250£16.875£33.750 Devolved Formula Capital Rates

14 Any Questions ?


16 National Data set All data used is provided by the EFA It is based on returns submitted by schools The main driver is pupil numbers –October 2013 census With the exception of pupil numbers all other data comes in as a % profile Overall Pupil led funding is 88.40%


18 High Needs Block A high needs pupil is any pupil whose needs cost more than £10k p.a. to support. £8k p.a. for PRUs. The funding supports: –Pupils in specialist provision –Central CYP services such as EOTAS and Out of County Placements –Top Up Funding for those in specialist provision and pupils in Mainstream school High needs funding is based on the ‘place plus approach’ High Needs Block allocations still to be finalised No DfE changes for 2014-15 funding arrangements

19 High Cost pupils The ‘Place–Plus’ approach will comprise two parts: 1.Place Funding – Each ‘place’ will attract £10k. £8k for PRUs 2.Top up funding: can be claimed for from the LA.  Based on the assessment of individual pupil needs and using current banding  New bandings required for PRUs

20 Bandings and Top Ups Currently individual banding values Result of MFG like protection and historical budgets Special School Bandings likely to remain the same although further work required PRUs to have new bandings and included in the same moderation process as Special and Mainstream Schools

21 Bandings and Top Ups The aim is to have consistent bandings These will be set across Suffolk for Specials (currently no time frames) and PRUs (during 2014-15) Likely that MFG like protection will still need to be applied Historical supplement added, which would have included: –Premises and other running costs specific to the building/land

22 Dual Placements - Review The LA have been working on and discussing Dual Placements with schools during 2013-14 This was the first year of such arrangements There have been a number of amendments in 2013-14 and proposed changes for 2014-15: –Dual placements to work both ways between Special and Mainstream Schools –Mainstream Schools will also receive admin fee for dually placed children when placing at a Special School –Changes when a child leaves a setting or arrangements change at a setting, important to ensure the funding is correctly allocated

23 Dual Placements - Special School This is where the special school is listed on the census as the main school and is dually placed at a Mainstream School. Special School receives: –Full place funding of £10,000 –Top up funding for the full year based on the needs of the individual child even if the child leaves permanently –£500 admin fee per dually placed child Mainstream School receives: –£15,000 pro rata based on the number of sessions delivered at £1,000 per day, per term The Special School is responsible for processing the payment

24 Dual Placements - Mainstream School This is where the Mainstream school is listed on the census as the main school and is dually placed at a Special. Mainstream School receives: –Schools Block funding – i.e. the first £10,000 –Top up funding for the full year based on the needs of the individual child. Cannot claim if child leaves permanently –£500 admin fee per dually placed child Special School receives: –If under subscribed on commissioned places - £5,000 Top up pro- rated for the actual sessions attended –If over subscribed on commissioned places - £15,000 pro-rated for the actual sessions attended The Mainstream School is responsible for processing the payment

25 How the Funding works This is the basic flow of the Top Up return process and timings of payments This illustrates a child being in the same setting for the full year This also illustrates the slight delay from the return to the payments

26 Dual Placements with a PRU Key Stage 4 PRUs Pupils are full time at the PRU. Key Stage 2/3 PRUs Pupils attend full time for an agreed period of time. The mainstream school will attract funding through the schools’ block First Base PRUs Pupils attend PRU on a part-time basis. The mainstream school will attract funding through the schools’ block

27 Inter authority recoupment What is Inter authority recoupment? –This is where pupils are placed outside the ‘home LA’ with other LAs (OLAs) schools and vice versa. Mainly impacts on Special Schools The LA where the pupil lives is then responsible for the top-up funding What do you need to do? –Schools will need to liaise with the OLAs to arrange for a payment to be made in respect of the top up funding for the OLA pupil at your school –The OLA will pay Suffolk top up banding values for that pupil

28 Any Questions ?

29 Future Funding

30 Budget Process Two Step Process First Step: 2014-15 Budget –Detailed line-by-line –Agreed by governors by 31st March 2014 –Electronic copy to LA by 2nd May 2014 –Submitted via AVCO

31 Strategic Plans: 2015-17 Second Step: 2015-16 & 2016-17 Budgets High level plans: –focus on change, not detail – includes LA’s indicative assumptions Only 2 versions: –realistic and worst-case Governors to agree Strategic Plans by Summer half-term Electronic copy to LA by 30th May 2014

32 Any Questions ?

33 School Finance Helpline: 08456 037684 Schools Accountancy Team: 01473 265626 SOR Policy: 01473 260791 Enhanced Finance Service: 01473 264054 Contacts

34 Survey We would be very grateful if you could complete the short survey to help us assess your current satisfaction with the SCC and CSD traded services provided to you.

35 Now a message from our partners

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