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Multimedia Mr. Sanchez.

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1 Multimedia Mr. Sanchez

2 Multimedia Defined Issues Identify the Use
Integration of text, still and moving images, and sound to communicate. Issues Time Longer downloads Bigger learning curve for designer Search engine unfriendly Balance choices for the purpose Identify the Use Ask Who is your audience and what is your message? How will the setting or interface look? Which multimedia elements fit into the interface and compliment the message? What is the outcome expected?

3 Words in Multimedia Words can be: Written Spoken Sung

4 Images in Multimedia Images can be: Drawings Charts Diagrams Paintings
Photographs Buttons Animation or video Note: images will be discussed in depth further into this lecture.

5 Sound in Multimedia Sound, also called audio, can be:
Voice-over or narration Sound effects Music

6 Audio and the Web Delivery File Types Download file Embedded Streaming
Larger file=longer download time Embedded Does not allow download - BAD Streaming Users listen as the connection is made Uses buffer Livecasts File Types .wav, .mp3

7 Video in Multimedia Video can be: Live Recorded

8 Video and the Web Requires high bandwidth and player Types File Types
Download, streaming Internet TV File Types .avi, .flv, .mov, .mpg,

9 Multimedia Productions
Defined: Storytelling through the use of text, still and moving images, and sound. Types of multimedia productions Presentations Tutorials Games Simulations Web pages

10 Understand image file formats and when to use an image file type.
Working with Images Understand image file formats and when to use an image file type.

11 Image Importance Images… Good Images… illustrate content
are crucial for name recognition and branding provide backdrops for other activities offer a means of navigating a Web site Good Images… are aesthetically pleasing communicate well use minimal bandwidth relevant to the page’s purpose are small files

12 Digital Imaging Concepts
Pixels short for “pixel element” smallest unit displayed by a monitor provide color information

13 Color Models Color Models RGB - red, green, blue CMYK Grayscale
handles image colors and display differently chosen based on purpose RGB - red, green, blue used for electronic display mode format: R, G, B in decimal and hexadecimal form or FF0000 CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black (K) used for print media Note: never go from CMYK to RGB Grayscale 256 shades of gray each pixel has a brightness value. 0=black, 255=white

14 Resolution Defined: Output resolution
The number of pixels present in a monitor’s height and width or dots per inch (dpi) The higher the resolution the more detail Monitor Resolutions 800x600, 72 or 96dpi 1024x768, 72 or 96dpi 1162x864, 72 or 96dpi LCD Monitors have fixed resolutions Output resolution Dictated by the output device

15 Bitmap/Raster Image Vector Image

16 Graphic Formats Bitmaps/Raster Vector Most common
Original Bitmaps/Raster Most common Each color is an individual value Composed of small squares Large images = large file sizes Use for photos, drop shadows, soft or blurry edges Distorts when stretched Sub-types JPG, GIF, PNG Vector Color is a mathematical equation Size changes force mathematical re-calculation Increasing the image does not increase the file size Use for line art, shapes and illustrations Does not distort because color is recalculated AI, WMF Distorted

17 File Types – Electronic Media
Original GIF Raster Platform independent Limited to 256 colors Use for broad expanses of color – no photos Supports transparency Lossless format During compression, color info is not lost GIF89a Animated gif Static images together in motion Does not require a plug-in Distorted

18 Image File Formats – Part 2
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Raster Supports 16+ million colors Compressed automatically Results in image degradation Lossy format As compression increases, colors are dropped from the image Will display differently on a MAC

19 Image File Formats – Part 3
PNG (Portable Networks Graphic) Combines the best of GIF and JPEG Supports compression and high bit depth 280 thousand billion colors Page Description Languages (PDF) Describes the layout of a printed page of graphics and text Requires a Adobe Reader plugin to view online

20 Image File Formats – Part 4
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Uses XML to describe shapes in 2D Allows the image to become an object Supports animation, fills, and gradients Use for line art and shapes Microsoft uses it to embed images in ed document. <?xml version="1.0"?> <shape xmlns=" xmlns:svg=" <name>Circuit - NPN Transistor</name> <icon>npn.xpm</icon> <connections> <point x="0" y="0"/> <point x="6" y="-4"/> <point x="6" y="4"/> </connections> <aspectratio type="fixed"/> <svg:svg width="3.0" height="3.0"> <svg:line x1="0" y1="0" x2="3" y2="0" /> <svg:line x1="3" y1="-3" x2="3" y2="3" /> <svg:line x1="3" y1="-2" x2="6" y2="-4" /> <svg:line x1="3" y1="2" x2="6" y2="4" /> <svg:polyline points="5,4 6, ,3.0769" /> </svg:svg> </shape>

21 Image File Formats – Print Media
Business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. Formats Eps Encapsulated Postscript Tif or tiff Tagged Image File Format Pct Picture File Print Media files… cannot be used on the Internet are 150+ dpi in resolution

22 End

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