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Enigma DSA Module.

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1 Enigma DSA Module

2 Outline What is Enigma Our Mission and Objectives Why Enigma
Current model of operation Scaling up operation Future model of operation Benefits and Returns to DSA DSA Target and Rewards Enigma Confidential

3 What is Enigma? Enigma aspires to be one of the leading telecom training organizations with country wide presence. It has its roots associated with the people who have served the Telecom industry for over 25 years. The Crux is to translate the experience and knowledge to the professional at mass level. Perfecting the Perfect Enigma Confidential

4 Our Vision and Mission Our Mission: Our vision :
"To facilitate the telecom skills and transfer Knowledge to bottom of the pyramid." Our vision : Engineering and Diploma MBA and BBA Telecom World Upto 12th class , POP , IA,SIA Enigma Confidential

5 Company Objective Present Telecom Market depend on the professional from top notch who really understand the market once they are in business. Huge capital investment to make them understand the technology. Focus towards the bases of eduction is still cornered and not penetrative to masses Enigma Confidential

6 Why Enigma Experience of 25 years in telecom domain.
Understanding the upbringings required to join the telecom sector Council and educate students to have focus towards telecom , that will help them to decide other than IT. Translating education to professional to make them perfect and have a better say in telecom Industry “ Structure of telecom is not hit by recession as did happen to IT , strong base requires strong fundamentals.” Enigma Confidential

7 Business Module – DSA

8 Understanding of Terms and Roles
DSA : Distributed service Agency DSA is an auth0rative representative of Enigma and holds a Valid License to be a part of Enigma Training Module DSA is supported by POP , SIE , IE that are a part of DSA associate team. DSA License Security Deposit of 3 lac. Infrastructure Market understanding of his area.

9 Support Team POP : Pen – o- Point : Shops or small business centre that can be an advertising point to facilitate the business SIE: Students Informative agents: Students within college who can penetrate there respective college and generate business and inturn get commission. IE: Independent Executives : Who act as freelancers to generate business and inturn get commission. ** DSH : Distributed service house (Colleges and Corporate ) for Telecom Training

10 Model of Operation Enigma DSA Earning : 35% POP : 7% SIE/IE:3%
Net DSA Earning 25% for first 2 years Graduation of DSA from Fixed Business Model to Fixed + Growth Model Enigma DSA DSH POP SIE IE Freelancers Student from Respective colleges Shops for advertisement

11 Fixed Model Growth Generate business based on Enigma Marketing Model
Potential of 50 L in first year . Increase Business base and Marketing network as per Enigma Model

12 Enigma support Market material Faculty and trainers
Tool for training – Worth 1.5 crore Conducting workshop Placement assistance Corporate assistance

13 DSA – Strategic Business Partner
Enigma-DSA Requirements Business Growth A strategic Business Partner Place required for teaching and office Market Intelligence based on Enigma model and support Investment towards the business Module 3 Years of contract after that DSA will be Revenue share holder in Enigma ( Education) High Business margin In line for Growth module DSA – Strategic Business Partner

14 Scaling of operation Launch of Book on Handbook on Telecom by Q1
40 Online Modules of Telecom . Subscription based module via different contact centers under DSA Webcast , podcast , Webinar and elearning platform to cater huge market. On Demand training Module

15 Managed Digital product for Star DSA performer .
Future Business Model Online Module Enigma DSA Module Subscription Module Handbook on Telecom ELearning Managed Digital product for Star DSA performer . Current Model Growth Model Star Model

16 Benefits and Returns of DSA
Returns from Online Module Online business software Returns by book selling , CD’s , online and hardcopy Business from Subscription Module

17 DSA Target and Rewards (Star Model)
Top DSA performers all across India will be involved in Managed Digital solution Business which Enigma is launching within this year Three Products Digitab Digitab* Digitab Pro Our Aim is to create DSA and involve top DSA in our business growth .

18 Thank You Avinash Handoo Founder and CEO Enigma Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

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