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Welfare Reform Overview Adam Clark, Norfolk Community Advice Network June 2013.

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1 Welfare Reform Overview Adam Clark, Norfolk Community Advice Network June 2013

2 Drivers of Welfare Reform Cost- reduction Simplification of the system Political ideology Incentivising work Localism 2

3 Amount to save 2010-11 c£88bn 2015 Cut £18bn 2016 Cut £10bn? 3

4 Timeline of Welfare Reforms … 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 … Migration from IB to ESA Housing Benefit Changes Migration from DLA to PIP Social Fund to County Council Total Benefit Cap Universal Credit Implementation Localised CTB schemes commence Benefits Uprating at 1% 4

5 Overall Financial effects on individuals DistrictEstimated loss (£ per year) Financial Loss per working age adult (£ per year) Breckland £ 32.22m £405.99 Broadland £25.21m £332.36 Gt Yarmouth £36.38m £612.75 KLWN £39.90m£449.29 North Norfolk £24.71m£428.80 Norwich £46.10m£504.07 South Norfolk £26.37m£350.65 NORFOLK £ 230.89m£ 440.56 5

6 Who? 70,000 households in Norfolk already in poverty, c £17 per week loss of income (8% of income) in 2014-15 c20% reduction in working-age DLA claimants - around 6000 current claimants in Norfolk c8,500 households deemed ‘under-occupying’ in Norfolk Over 100,000 claimants in Norfolk transitioning to Universal Credit – some will gain, some will lose, all will see changes Other risk factors – areas of deprivation, disability, social housing, working age families 6

7 Threats & Opportunities Poverty Less money Debt Arrears High cost credit Improved take-up Change New benefits New systems Budgetting Sanctions Long-term Household change Homelessness Employment Simpler system 7

8 Early indicators Demand for advice Foodbank activity Anecdotes Homelessness/rough sleeping data BUT No coherent data set Main changes yet to come 8

9 Norwich Combined Court Hearings 9

10 Health & Wellbeing Risks Individual Free healthcare Nutrition Accommodation Stress & Anxiety Social Health inequality Housing & health Prevention Carers Structural Increased demand Social care costs GP evidence 10

11 Other Responses - examples Kensington & Chelsea HWB Welfare Reform Task & Finish Group report containing strategic & operational recommendations including: – Embed continued monitoring (via data analysis) within JSNA – Collaborate across commissioning over the impacts of welfare reform to ensure intelligence of local impacts informs commissioning decisions and service design – Arrange for front-line council & Health staff, schools and third sector to be regularly briefed on imminent changes Welsh Assembly report on impact of welfare reform across range of public services showing how financial impacts of reforms will affect outcomes for education, health, social care etc Cornwall County Council – reflected the impact of welfare reform in their Health & Wellbeing Strategy Kingston Borough Council - Public Health commissioning local advice providers to run financial capability/money management workshops London Councils co-ordinating shared indicators for London boroughs 11

12 Other responses AimsObjectives Equip existing services Ensure greater public and professional awareness of frontline services Improve pathways between services Improve access to information materials Avoid duplication Understand impact Develop simple set of shared indicators or scorecard Gather case studies Review and respond on an ongoing basis Mitigate impact Provide strategic leadership to link social welfare with health & wellbeing Embed in strategic and commissioning plans Pilot new interventions in targeted areas of risk Plug gaps in services Improve and evaluate preventative interventions (e.g. financial capability) 12

13 Further information Resources and information: Contact Adam Clark 13

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