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Campus Report Q1 2012 Ipsos Training Center.

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1 Campus Report Q1 2012 Ipsos Training Center

2 Main Achievements During the First Quarter of 2012 the Ipsos Training Center (ITC) reached the following main achievements: The campus was made available to former Synovate colleagues with a smooth transition that did not generate any kind of difficulties, growing 52% in active accounts Specialism Courses The courses were reviewed / A main part of them were updated to reflect the changes in the portfolio Some courses on new tools were created and made available to any Ipsos employee Training Webinars to quickly spread information about the tools were hosted with Marketing InnoQuest, Marketing MUM, Ipsos UU, Ipsos Healthcare, Ipsos ASI, Ipsos Media and IOTX. Several actions preparing for Ipsos InnoQuest and Ipsos MUM School were implemented (update of courses, development of a face-to-face Registration page, setting of the systems, etc.) First actions to promote an L&D community at Ipsos started to take place (a page in Yammer was created and some initial discussions and information started to be shared; i.e.: List of training options according to the different target audiences and profiles) Different actions towards the improvement of internal communication about the ITC were launched (ITC open group in Yammer, forum discussions in Yammer, update of ITC brochures, ITC poster and video, announcements and news in OpenWorld) A new tutorial to the ITC Campus was created. This tutorial is assigned by default to any new ITC Campus’ user.

3 Courses Offered Number of courses available as at March 31st under each category: Category Number of available courses EMPLOYEE CAMPUS Specialism Courses 77 Leadership Academy 23 Newcomers 4 Subtotal 104 CLIENT CAMPUS Courses for clients 19 Overall Total 123

4 Employees’ e-Campus usage
The e-Campus is currently being used in 73 countries compared to the 63 in which it was operating in the past Quarter. The ITC grew 16% its geographical coverage during Q1

5 Employees’ e-Campus usage

6 Employees’ e-Campus usage
These charts show the ITC campus activity during Q1, considering the number of registrations in courses, regardless of completion. Country Total Romania 260 Germany 256 Russia 247 United Kingdom France 240 Netherlands 194 Turkey 136 Sweden 124 Bulgaria 122 Belgium 112 Poland 100 Switzerland 91 Spain 90 Norway 67 Czech Republic 61 Croatia 58 Denmark 51 Ukraine 35 Italy 32 Austria 20 Hungary 19 Serbia 16 Slovenia 11 Ireland 5 Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 Macedonia Europe Overall 2602 Country Total United States 895 Canada 283 Argentina 255 Colombia 252 Peru 241 Brazil 224 Chile 151 Mexico 149 Venezuela 73 Bolivia 41 Guatemala 21 Costa Rica 18 Puerto Rico Dominican Republic 17 Saint Lucia Panama 16 Ecuador 2 America Overal 2673 Country Total China 744 India 442 Singapore 424 Korea 316 Vietnam 307 Japan 294 Indonesia 271 Hong Kong 270 Malaysia 251 Australia 210 Philippines 204 New Zealand 129 Taiwan 84 Pakistan 69 Thailand 55 APAC Overall 4070 Country Total South Africa 777 Kenya 195 UAE 104 Saudi Arabia 102 Egypt 92 Jordan 81 Nigeria 65 Morocco 33 Lebanon 23 Kuwait 17 Uganda 14 Tanzania 13 Tunisia 10 Ghana 5 Zambia 4 Bahrain 3 Iran MEA Overall 1541 Q1 empl. registrations 10886 Employees’ registrations to courses grew 137% in Q1

7 Country Top 5 – Course Enrollment

8 Level of Completion The following chart shows the level of completion of the courses in which employees enrolled during the First Quarter of 2012. Completed Passed Failed Exam Started Unstarted AMERICA 1% 35% 0% 10% 54% ASIA 44% 11% 43% EUROPE 2% 53% MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA 49% 12% 38% Completed: exam not passed yet Passed: exam successfully completed / certificate has been issued Started: course not finished yet Unstarted: courses assigned but still pending to start

9 Average of Courses taken in Q3
REGION Employees with activity in the campus during Q1 Registrations Q1 Average of courses per employee w/ activity in Q1 AMERICAS 781 2673 3.42 ASIA PACIFIC 622 4070 6.54 EUROPE 834 2602 3.12 MEA 353 1541 4.37 TOTAL 2590 4584 1.77 Average of courses taken in Q1 by each employee with activity in the campus during the same period of time Average of courses taken in Q1 by each employee with an account created in the campus REGION Employees with an account in the campus Registrations Q1 Average of courses per employee w/ account in the campus AMERICAS 2711 2673 0.99 ASIA PACIFIC 2070 4070 1.97 EUROPE 2400 2602 1.08 MEA 667 1541 2.31 TOTAL 7848 10886 1.39

10 Penetration Rate REGION Employees with activity in the campus during Q1 HC as of March 31th Penetration rate: Employees w/activity in Q3 / Total HC AMERICAS 781 5164 15.12% ASIA PACIFIC 622 4282 14.53% EUROPE 834 6774 12.31% MEA 353 1674 21.09% TOTAL 2590 17894 14.47% Employees with activity in the campus during Q1 over Ipsos Headcount as of March 31th Employees with an account created in the campus over Ipsos Headcount as of March 31th REGION Employees with an account in the campus HC as of March 31th Penetration rate II: Employees w/ account in the ITC / Total HC AMERICAS 2711 5164 52.50% ASIA PACIFIC 2070 4282 48.34% EUROPE 2400 6774 35.43% MEA 667 1674 39.84% TOTAL 7848 17894 43.86%

11 Client Campus activity
Courses Top 5 among clients According to the number of registrations received – Q1 Clients Top 5 - According to the number of registrations for courses – Q1 Advertising Research Market Research Overview II Statistics Market Research Overview III Kraft Accela Marketing Ron Santa Teresa / Zein Selkut University / Watanya Total number of registrations for courses, during the period: 195 -decreased 53% from previous quarter-

12 Curricula New and improved courses and training materials, made available in the Campus during the First Quarter: Vantis Concepts LineQuest PackQuest InnoScreen Insights InnoCPT ICE Designor (for clients) Ipsos Business Consulting: Octopus Security Awareness for IT professionals Webinar Recordings held in the period (Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, ASI, InnoQuest, Ipsos MUM, Ipsos UU, MediaCT)

13 Next Quarter Challenges
Next Quarter will face the following challenges: Keep on updating some of the current Specialism courses being offered. Improve the Softskills curricula. Run InnoQuest and MUM School in all regions. Update of the ASI Newcomers program. Start developing training courses and materials about Ipsos’ processes. New courses / training materials to come: Personal Effectiveness Performance Management Development philosophy at Ipsos Getting familiar with Censydiam Several courses on Ipsos processes

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