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Sharing Session: Business Contingency Plan (BCP) Big Flood Disaster

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1 Sharing Session: Business Contingency Plan (BCP) Big Flood Disaster
Jakarta, 2-6 February 2007 5 - 6 July, 2007 Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Hotel

2 Introduction Indonesian Central Securities Depository (or KSEI - Indonesian term) was established on December 23, 1997 in accordance with Law no. 8, 1995 concerning Capital Market. On July 17, 2000, KSEI had succeeded to implement scripless trading with their system named C-BEST (Central Book-entry and Settlement System). In August 2001, KSEI also succeeded to implement the Disaster Recovery Centre, in accordance with Bapepam rule no. II.C.6. KSEI systems are connected by database synchronization and replication with the securities central clearing house system (or KPEI - Indonesian term). In August 2006, KSEI systems were connected to central bank for Government Securities Settlement System and RTGS

3 KSEI’s SYSTEM Main System
C-BEST : Central Book Entry and Settlement System Supporting System ORCHiD - Online Research and Centralized Historical Data E-Mon - Electronic Mutual Fund MonitoringSystem Intranet – Daily supporting operational system, such as reporting and accounts administration. BI-S4/RTGS – Electronic system for settlement government bonds with central bank Emiten online – Electronic system for Registrar & Issuer to know their daily securities holders’

4 BCP Regulation BAPEPAM rule no. III.C.6 : Internal Controls & Administrative Procedures of The Central Securities Depository Point 19 The Central Securities Depository must have a primary computer and a back-up computer that are at different locations, that enables the back-up computer to continue processing data within 2 (two) hours, from the time of a breakdown of the primary computer. Point 20 The Central Securities Depository must keep duplicates of electronic data regarding Securities Accounts in a separate place that is secure and not closer that 30 (thirty) kilometers from the principal location.

Risk & Impact Analysis Status Report to CMT System Availability Network Human Resources ACTIVATED BCP dependen independen No MONITOR BCP Disaster Occurred manual input, injection, delay market, DRC Normal? Yes Report to CMT for Event Status END Monitor for Reporting Event Status No Critical ? No Suspend ? Status Report to CMT Yes Stop Operational Yes

6 DRC Live Test As a main system, C-BEST is critical for operational, therefore having a disaster recovery system is a must and also a periodic testing, to assure its readiness to replace the main system. Untill now, we have already conduct 9 tests for disaster recovery system including disaster recovery center. Since 2007, we plan to run disaster recovery system test for 3 (three) times a year.

7 Network – Normal Procedure

8 Network – Emergency Procedure

9 Participants Network Securities companies are connected to Stock Exchange system via fiber optic provided by vendor for exchange trading purposes. Securities companies and custodian banks (participants) are connected to KSEI via various type of network provided by vendors for transaction settlement purposes. Such networks are: dial up, leased line, microwave, and fiber optic. Type of Network Total % ISDN – Telkom 52 31% Dial up – Telkom 45 27% Leased channel - Telkom 13 8% Microwave – Non Telkom 30 18% Fiber optic – Non Telkom 26 16% TOTAL 166 100%

10 Disaster Events Detail
Friday, Feb 2, 2007 Participants began to contact KSEI’s staf via mobile phone, informing that they could not connect to KSEI’s system (C-BEST). There were 11 participants, who came to KSEI’s office, asking KSEI’s staf to help them, settled their transaction, because of the unavalability of the network. There were unsettled instruction for that day, especially OTC VP. KSEI’s system could not provide reference price for Corporate Bonds, because of participation limitation from fund managers. Telecommunication network (data and voice), particularly fixed line be unavailable. Connection to Central bank, unavailable since 11:45 am

11 Con’t…. Monday, Feb 5, 2007 More participants came to KSEI’s office, because of the unavalability of the network – 69 participants. KSEI’s system still could not provide reference price for Corporate Bonds, because of participation limitation from fund managers. Connection to Central bank had already back to normal.

12 Con’t…. Tuesday, Feb 6, 2007 Wednesday, Feb 7, 2007
Participants came to KSEI’s office had already decreased – 58 participants. KSEI’s system already provided reference price for Corporate Bonds, because of limitation of participation from fund managers. Wednesday, Feb 7, 2007 Business back to normal…. although telecommunication network, particularly incoming call for fixed line still be unavailable at KSEI’s office.

13 DISASTER’S IMPACT Flood immersed almost 70% area of Jakarta, which cause transportation problem, especially for participants who should come to KSEI’s office. Network telecommunication especially provided by Telkom (data and voice) were went down almost 70% on central business area on Friday (Feb 2, 2007). Participants could not contact KSEI’s office via telephone network (voice fixed line).

14 CUSTOMER PROBLEMS Participant using leased channel or dial-up, which are provided by Telkom (one of the largest telecommunication provider in Indonesia) were having problem on their connection to KSEI. Such participants were: Securities company – 66 of 144 Custodian Banks – 5 of 18 There were also other parties that were having problem on their connection to KSEI. Such parties were: Fund Managers – all of them (54) Registrars – 2 of 14 Payment Banks – 1 of 4 Central Bank, and Real time data provider

15 Contingency Plan in Action
Setup additional computers and room to help participant who came to KSEI’s office to do their transaction settlement, on Feb 5, 2007 and Feb 6, 2007 for 69 and 58 participants respectively. Additional computers came from KSEI’s staff and rental company. Immediate rental for additional PC (on non business day, Saturday/Sunday, Feb 3-4, 2007). Asking for PoA (power of attorney) for some participants who were helped by KSEI’s staf, executing their settlement instructions. Open and close markets beyond normal business hour to settle participant instructions Providing additional official wireless communication with mobile phones (CDMA & GSM) = 9 numbers Almost all operational staffs act as help desk/customer support

16 Flood Map Area Description : light middle heavy Flood area

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