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MDHT Update MDHT Next Steps MDHT MDMI Update MDMI Update MDMI Next Steps.

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1 MDHT Update MDHT Next Steps MDHT MDMI Update MDMI Update MDMI Next Steps

2 MDHT Release MDHT Release 1.2 in January 2013 included: Improved Modeling Environment Data type constraint modeling Faster Model Transformation Expanded Model Validation Improved Distribution Two All in One options, CDA Designer and Analyst/Developer Four runtime deployment options, Consolidated, Hitsp C32, CDA R2 archives and Maven CDA Analyst View

3 MDHT Stats Downloads since January 2012 Over 850 run time downloads Over 2,000 downloads of the All-in-One 66 Different Countries 4900 JUnit Tests for 1.2 Including over 2600 for Consolidated Alone Performance Testing Open and validate C-CDA document in 0.3 seconds (AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 BE Processor (Quad Core) @ 3000 MHz 6GB DDR2 ) Published CDA IG comply with HL7 Governance and Operations Conformant

4 MDHT/NIST Update We are please to announce that the MDHT Runtime Library is currently in production at NIST for C-CDA and Meaningful Use Stage Two Certification

5 MDHT Next Steps Terminology Improvements (CTS2) Supporting CIMI Publication Improvements Conditional Constraint Patterns Exclusive Disjunction Pattern (XOR)

6 MDHT – MDMI Update Milestone: Can generate valid CCD MDMI map from MDHT Annotated C-CDA Model with MDMI Terms. Wrote model to model transformation for converting CCD model to MDMI Model Generate MDMI Map The CCD MDMI map available in OHT.

7 MDMI Update Version 1 Milestone within weeks: Can generate and consume valid CCD message into two different proprietary hospital data formats. MDMI Referent Index developed to support CCD Ease of use: Added table view for business analyst for MDMI Editor MDMI has been recommended to the HL7 Architecture Board as the technical foundation for the Information Framework in the HL7 Services Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF).

8 MDMI Next Steps Develop MDMI Referent Index Software RI available to multiple MDMI map developers New content can be provided by multiple industry expert contributors (support of HL7 Cross Paradigm Group) MDHT / MDHT integration Extend CCD generation to general case of any message model (discharge summary, consultation note, etc.) Application to replace present hand annotation of MDHT with MDMI Referent Index terms as well as update MDMI Referent Index with MDHT Information. NRL Open Source Interpreter

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