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Available in Black and Silver The all-in-one camera.

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1 Available in Black and Silver The all-in-one camera

2 o CMOS Backlight illuminated sensor o Shake Reduction System o Sensitivity up to ISO 6400 To demonstrate remarkable high-sensitivity, low-noise characteristics for super high resolution images To compensate the camera shake effect when shooting in poor light conditions and guarantee sharp images. For shooting in low light For moving subjects 1. STABILIZED HIGH DEFINITION SENSOR

3 2. VERSATILE 26X OPTICAL ZOOM o 26X Optical zoom (equivalent in 35mm : 22-580mm) o Super Macro Mode (1 cm) Extra-wide zoom ratio of 26 times which gives the versatility to accommodate a wide range of subjects and scenes from landscapes to fast-action sports events. Macro shooting down to 1 cm from the subject for spectacular images of flower or insect.

4 3. HIGH VIDEO QUALITY o Full HD Video 1080p and video editing o Micro HDMI terminal o Video button o High speed movie mode o Timelapse movie mode For quality movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels) Video editing in the body. No need to use a computer For immediate viewing of the movie on a HD TV For instant video recording For slow motion video effect For extra fast action playback

5 4. EASY OF USE o Large 3’’ tiltable LCD screen, 460 000 points o Electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment For clear view of the subject even under bright sunshine or harsh backlight o Quick-set mode dial For direct access to many scene modes, Progam and manual modes To set the screen at angle easiest for viewing. Clear view of images

6 5. OTHER FEATURES o Automatic exposure with multiple scene modes and creative filters With AutoPicture mode, the camera detects the scene and automatically selects the best mode. With Green mode, the camera is ready to use with no prior adjustment. Point, shoot, and there’s your picture ! With 16 scene modes, you can not miss any scene to be photographed ! o Face Priority Mode, Smile and Blinking Detection Your portraits will always look great. With Face priority mode, the camera automatically takes care of the focus and exposure settings to ensure the best mode. With Smile Capture, the camera automatically releases the shutter the moment the camera detects the subject’s smile. Thanks to Blinking detection, you are warned if your subject closed his eyes

7 6. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Remote Control E (with zooming function) N.37376 Remote Control F N.37377 Neoprene case N.50196

8 Unique Selling Point THE ALL-IN-ONE CAMERA

9 Points Electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment Large 3’’ tiltable LCD screen Back illuminated CMOS 16 MP Video recording button Full HD Video

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