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Atenea Modeling Software Systems Universidad de Málaga.

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1 Atenea Modeling Software Systems Universidad de Málaga

2 Introduction and goal Atenea is a group of researchers interested in Modeling Software Systems Atenea is part of the GISUM group, from the University of Málaga (Spain) Atenea conducts basic and applied research on modeling software systems, and on the provision of engineering tools to design, analyse, evaluate and implement distributed information systems Introduction to Atenea 2 Jan 2010

3 Scope Fundamental to this objective is the recognition that information systems must be realized in an environment where data and processing are distributed across heterogeneous IT resources and multiple organizational domains, and are mainly developed and deployed by re- using or integrating existing components and applications, most of which are either commercial off- the-shelf artefacts (models, components), legacy systems, or external applications. Introduction to Atenea 3 In Greek mythology, Athena is the Goddess of wisdom, war, strategy, industry, justice and skill Jan 2010

4 Research interests Modeling languages for expressing specifications of systems and their integration and distribution Techniques and tools for relating different specifications of the same system Architectural frameworks for distributed processing systems Functions and tools to support different kinds of formal analyses of distributed systems Quality models and tools for evaluating the quality of IT systems and their individual components Introduction to Atenea 4 Jan 2010

5 Atenea Members Prof. Antonio Vallecillo Dr. Francisco Durán Dr. José Raúl Romero Dr. Manuel F. Bertoa José E. Rivera (PhD st) Manuel Roldán (PhD st) Javier Troya (PhD st) Nathalie Moreno (PhD st) Fernando López José M. Bautista Daniel Ruiz Juan I. Jaén Introduction to Atenea 5 Jan 2010

6 Some tools Maudeling: Model Management E-Motions: Behavioral Specification of models MagicDraw plugin for ODP Wires*: Choreography of ATL model transformations* reSynch: Model synchronization & change propagation Introduction to Atenea 6 Jan 2010

7 Atenea Modeling Software Systems For further info visit:

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