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Proper use of Box Cutters and Utility Knives

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1 Proper use of Box Cutters and Utility Knives

2 Box Cutters and Utility knives
Box cutters are used to open sealed items such as boxes or shrink wrapped items. Although a simple tool, safety precautions still need to be taken to ensure the accident free use of the box cutter. Serious Injury can result from misuse! This is what we are trying to prevent by reviewing some simple but important safety precautions. Retail Association Services, Inc.

3 Retail Association Services, Inc.
Safety Precautions 1. Do not use a box cutter knife unless it is required of your job and then only if trained by a competent person such as you supervisor and/or lead. 2. Do not engage in horseplay in or around equipment and particularly when using a box cutter knife. 3. Always wear required PPE – Kevlar gloves are preferred. Self-retracting box cutters are best. That way the blade can easily be put away when not in use. 5. DO NOT use dull or rusted blades. Retail Association Services, Inc.

4 Operational Procedures
1. Perform a visual inspection of the knife prior to use. Look for any defect, damaged parts, including dull or broken blades. If box cutter is found to be defective, do not use and obtain another from your supervisor. 2. Point blade away from yourself when cutting. Make sure no body parts (face – fingers – toes) are in the cutting path. 3. Make sure that others in your work area are a safe distance away and before cutting into shrink wrapped items or cartons, etc. Retail Association Services, Inc.

5 Operational Procedures
4. Take you time to allow the knife to work through several layers at a time; do not hack at what you are opening. Let the knife do the work. 5. When not in use, retract the blade to prevent cutting yourself accidently. 6. Always us a sharp blade. A dull blade will not work as effectively and you may be tempted to hack or slash at what you opening. Retail Association Services, Inc.

6 And now a short video… Utility/Box knife safety
Retail Association Services, Inc.

7 Retail Association Services, Inc.
Question 1 All utility knives are always sharp? True False False – Blades can wear out quickly and become dull. With a dull blade you tend to use more force and have less control of the knife. You are more prone to injure your self with a dull blade. Retail Association Services, Inc.

8 Retail Association Services, Inc.
Question 2 A dull blade makes: Cutting harder. Causes you to use more pressure with less control of the knife. Makes it more likely that you will hurt yourself or others. All of the above All of the above reasons may result in injuries. Retail Association Services, Inc.

9 Retail Association Services, Inc.
Question 3 What kind of glove is best to wear when using knives? Latex Leather Kevlar Garden Kevlar or the ‘Ov Glove’ will provide you the most protection Retail Association Services, Inc.

10 Retail Association Services, Inc.
Thank you for your time and if you have additional questions please contact Rick Means at Retail Association Services; ext18 Any questions? Thank you for coming today! Special thanks to Ed Osborne of Spokane Goodwill Industries for his assistance with this presentation. Retail Association Services, Inc.

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