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By : Pablo Valladares Mitteenn

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1 By : Pablo Valladares Mitteenn
All About Me By : Pablo Valladares Mitteenn

2 Where I Live or Lived I lived in Peru Now I live in Houston Tx

3 My family & Friends Mary Mitteenn (Mother) Jair Coronel (Friend)
Fernando Valladares (Father) Fernando Valladares (Brother) Alejandro Valladares (Brother) Jair Coronel (Friend) Melanie Vargas (Friend) Deyanira Figueroa (Friend) Josue Vargas (Friend) Alejandro Salinas (Friend)

4 My Favorite things Facebook Play PES 2012 Chat
watch Barcelona games that’s my favorite thing

5 If I Was in Charge of the world
Anything I want Exile Justin Bieber from humanity or just send him to jail Not to do this project

6 What are My Interests/Hobbies
Play soccer Dance Drive cars

7 Family Vacations In vacations we go to Mancora
And sometimes we go to Spain for watch Barcelona games

8 Involvement in Clubs and Organizations
ESL Club

9 Awards in Elementary/Middle/High School
3rd best student (middle school) 1st best student (elementary)

10 What College Will I Attend ?
NY University Tennessee university Harvard university UH

11 Career Plans Plastic surgery degree

12 Favorite Song Pa Romper La Discoteca – Farruko ft Daddy Yankee Ft Zion y Lennox Su hija me gusta – Farruko Ladron de amor – Alex Wayne 24 horas – Mickey y Joell

13 What type of Movies do I like ?
Scary movies Action movies Suspense movies Comedy movies Adventures movies

14 Favorite Movie Alvin and the chipmunks shipwrecked Step Up 3D
Paranormal activity 3 Johnny English reborn

15 Favorite Electronic Devices
Cell phone Ipad 2 Laptop

16 What is My Dream Car ? This is my dream car

17 Organizations Involved in at Westside
ESL Department

18 Academic/Athletic Accomplishments
Soccer Track

19 My Collage

20 My House Plan

21 My Best Soccer Player

22 My Best TV Show

23 My Favorite Food

24 My Favorite Animal

25 My Favorite Place

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