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The System of Social Welfare.

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1 The System of Social Welfare

2 The welfare state operates in 5 main areas:
education social security community care health housing

3 Vocabulary available to receive benefit to pay allowance
welfare insurance security income (on low -) a fee tax contribution to receive to pay to provide (with/for) to claim to be entitled to to have a right to

4 Great Britain is a Welfare State
GB has a system of ensuring the welfare of its citizens by means of social services, provided by the state. At the national level the Government is responsible for the National Health Service, National Insurance and Social Security. The system of National Insurance and Social Security provide financial help for different categories of citizens.

5 What is the National Health Service?
The NHS is a public service providing medical care, paid for by taxes. The services provided by NHS include family doctors, dentists, opticians, health centres, clinics, health education, ambulance services and others. Everybody has the right to use the medical services.

6 What does National Insurance mean?
The NI is a system of compulsory payments made by employees and employers to enable the State to provide assistance to people who are ill, unemployed or retired: National Insurance contributions. The social services are organized services providing help and advice to the community, esp. health, education, and housing.

7 What categories of citizens are entitled to social payments?
people who have a disease, illness people who are not able to work people who do not work people up to 18 people whose husband (wife) has died people who haven’t enough money people who don't work because of their age. people who are old

8 Субстантивированное прилагательное (the + adj)
the sick = sick people the disabled = disabled people the unemployed, the jobless the young the widowed the poor the retired the elderly

9 Complete the sentences
_____ are entitled to a child benefit. _____ live below poverty level. _____ have got medical service at a reduced price. A state pension is paid to _______. _____ lost their wives or husbands.

10 What benefits do people receive?
state/retirement pension widow’s pension maternity pay child benefit unemployment benefit family credit invalidity pension mobility allowance

11 Who receive these benefits?
a person who is unable to work after a sickness period families with children who have very low incomes disabled people to pay for transport women who leave work to have a baby a person who is out of work for up to a year each child until he/she leaves school retired people/pensioners women whose husbands die before they retire if they are aged 45 or over



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