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Derek Jeter My Famous Person I Choose Derek Jeter.

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1 Derek Jeter My Famous Person I Choose Derek Jeter

2 Derek Jeter facts Derek was born on June in Pequannock New Jersey. He grow up in Kalamazoo Michigan He started playing T-Ball at age 5. He started playing high school baseball in 1989 Derek was drafted by the Yankees in 1992 He is now the captain of the New York Yankees

3 Place I call Home Derek Jeter grow up in Kalamazoo Michigan. He had a good childhood which he spent most of his time playing baseball. He was a strait A student. He played basketball and baseball for Kalamazoo high until 1992 when he was the sixth overall draft pick in 1992 by the New York Yankees

4 What he does for a living
Derek now plays baseball for the New York Yankees. He is the captain of the team and won the rookie of the year award in 1996. The red circle is where Derek plays now at shortstop

5 Why he is famous He is famous for playing baseball and getting the nickname Mr. November because he hit a world series home run to win it for the Yankees. He also made the team USA Olympic baseball team.

6 Derek Jeter Fun facts

7 What he has done to others lives
Derek shows that you can be young but still be great with just a little help and practice. Derek Jeter is awesome!!!

8 Where does he live now Derek lives in Manhattan during the baseball season and lives in Tampa during the off-season.

9 What he does for society
Derek is the leader of “Jeter’s Leaders” a foundation where older kids travel with Derek to work with kids and teach them the fundamentals of baseball when they couldn’t before.

10 What made him worth reading about
Derek Jeter has been one of my baseball players ever since I was a young boy. He is also the captain of my families favorite baseball team the New York Yankees

11 Education he had Derek Had a very good education.
He had to get good grades because if he didn’t his parents wouldn’t let him play baseball. He was an honor student in high school. He did so well at schoolwork and baseball he didn’t even have to go to collage.

12 Pictures of Jeter Playing baseball

13 Jeter Merchandise

14 Jeter at home

15 Jeter Shoes

16 References Derek (2009) Derek Jeter Biography
Rappoport K. (2004) Super Sport Star: Derek Jeter. Berkley Heights NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc.

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