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Business & ICT Department GCSE Applied Business (Double Award)

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1 Business & ICT Department GCSE Applied Business (Double Award)

2 Business & ICT Department Course outline Applied Business is worth two GCSE grades (AA*-GG) The course allows you to learn independently and collaboratively You will complete two coursework based units and two exam based units Each unit contributes a significant amount to your overall final grade

3 Business & ICT Department Units Unit 1: Business in Action (examination) Why do people set up a business? Imagine if all the computers did not work. What would happen? If interest rates go down – is that a good thing? I wonder what made them build that shop there?

4 Business & ICT Department Units Unit 2: Making Your Mark in Business (controlled coursework) Why do businesses advertise? Is good customer service really important? Who makes the decisions and why? How do they seem to know what I need before I do?

5 Business & ICT Department Units Unit 3: Working in Business (examination) What different types of jobs could I do? Is profit the most important thing? What if the employees don’t agree with the owners? Who is in charge of Marketing and Sales?

6 Business & ICT Department Units Unit 4: Business and You (controlled coursework) How do I prepare for a job interview? Can you handle the responsibility? Can I really be sacked for being a few minutes late now and again? How would I get the necessary skills to be successful?

7 Business & ICT Department Is it for me? “The trip to Jaguar was great. I never knew there was so much to making a car. And talking to one of the bosses was a real bonus!” “It was quite scary interviewing the shoppers but they were all really friendly.” “Looking around the store I realised that all of the workers were doing exactly what we had learnt about in class.” I never knew the manager was responsible for so many people. When he told me I didn’t believe him. Now, I want to do that job!” “The coursework is really hard but I like the independence it gives me in class.” “Time flies by in some lessons because I am so wrapped up in my own work.” “I didn’t realise I knew so much already. I’ve learnt so much more though – not just from the internet but from other people.” “What I planned to do with my work went a bit wrong. But I’ve changed a few things and it’s looking much better now.” “Sometimes I don’t agree with other people’s views – so I tell them mine. Sometimes I’m wrong!” “Everytime I buy something now I ask myself is it really worth that much?”

8 Business & ICT Department After Year 11? 6 th Form – A Level Business and/or Economics, BTEC Business University – Business, Management, HRM, Economics, Accounts, Marketing etc Work – Retail, Leisure, Financial, Production etc Setting up a business Management Multi-skilled Positive learning habits and attitude Fits well with most other subjects Opens your eyes as an employee and a customer of businesses

9 Business & ICT Department GCSE Applied Business (Double Award)

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