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Breast Cancer in African American Women

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1 Breast Cancer in African American Women
By Peggy Kusi and Mercy Frimpong

2 What is breast Cancer? Cancer is the loss of ability of the body’s cells to regulate controlled and orderly growth. Breast Cancer is the formation of abnormal cells in the breast tissue. Normal(left) cancerous

3 Why is breast cancer a disparity?
Disparities A health disparity is a health condition or disease that is higher for one group than the general population. African American women have higher mortality rate than other women of different races. In other words African American women die more from breast cancer. What is a disparity? Why is breast cancer a disparity?

4 Why is breast cancer a health disparity in African AMERICAN WOMEN?
“Studies suggest that this disparity is due to African American women being diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage, and receiving treatment later after diagnosis” ( is_doing/aamm.htm) Black women are more likely to die from this cancer more than other races. Breast cancer is mostly common in White women but African Americans tend to die more from it more. Black women have a 37% higher death rate than white women. The five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 90% in white women and only 77% for black women.

5 Risk factors and Symptoms
Nipple discharge Bone pain Breast pain and discomfort Skin ulcers Swelling of the arm with the side of the developing cancer Weight loss Age Weight Diet and lifestyle Menstrual and Reproductive Family and personal history

6 Stages of Breast Cancer
Size of tumor Lymph nodes have cancer Metastases In situ No I <2cm IIA 2 to 5cm Possible IIB 2 to 5 cm >5cm Yes IIIA >5 cm but hasn’t reached the chest wall IIIB >5cm and may have reached the chest wall or skin IV Any size



9 diagnosis Mammogram Ultrasound Fine-needle aspiration
Core needle biopsy Excisional biopsy Incisional biopsy

10 Breast cancer INCIDENCE RATE
The graph shows that White women have a higher screening percentage than Black, Asian, Hispanic.

11 Mortality Rate in African American women
Female Breast Cancer Mortality Rates by Race and Ethnicity in Massachusetts: The graph shows the mortality rate In African Americans/Black of female breast cancer.

12 Mortality Rate

13 Factors related to African American women and mortality rate
Lack of medical coverage Barriers to early detection and screening Unequal access to improvements in cancer treatment may contribute to the survival rate between African American women and White women.

14 Treatment Chemotherapy Radiation therapy
Surgery to remove the tumor from the affected site

15 Prevention Eating a healthy diet Losing extra weight Regular exercise
Reducing alcohol use Quitting smoking

16 Ways to decrease the disparity
Increasing knowledge about breast cancer and mammography. Increasing awareness Increasing awareness of the low or no-cost mammogram services. Increasing the number of women who get a mammogram.

17 Breast Cancer awareness and support!!

18 Conclusion In conclusion African American women have a higher mortality rate than the general population mainly because of late prognosis Ways to help the African American community is to educate to community about the awareness of breast cancer and the importance of examinations.

19 Reference maries/massachusetts.htm Breast-Cancer/Stages.aspx disparities/cancer-health-disparities tailedguide/breast-cancer-what-is-breast-cancer

20 Reference(cont) cancer/article3490.htm hat_cdc_is_doing/aamm.htm ncer/home.html htm astcancer.htm

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