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Let’s Get Engaged!: Leslie Grahn, World Language Resource Teacher

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1 Let’s Get Engaged!: Leslie Grahn, World Language Resource Teacher
Howard County Public Schools

2 Session Outcomes Participants will… 1. Examine the topics of motivation and engagement. 2. Explore strategies for engaging students in learning. 3. Reflect on their practice.

3 Workshop Wiki

4 Getting Engaged: Metaphorical Thinking
How is engaging students like getting engaged?

5 Motivating students to engage in class activities
Relate learning to real life Give students control over learning Assign challenging but achievable tasks Arouse students’ curiosity Design projects that allow students to share with others


7 Components of a brain-friendly classroom
Experiential, inductive, hands-on learning Absence of threat paired with high challenge Providing for student choice Helping students construct meaning Relying on the familiar, looking for the novel Accurate, timely feedback

8 Brain-friendly techniques
Think-Pair-Share How have you recently used one or more of these strategies? Use humor Use personal stories Use novelty Use movement Use music Connect learning Use metacognition Evoke emotions Use visuals

9 Let’s do some hands-on hands-on learning

10 Let’s make a”smoosh” book!

11 A great resource:

12 Poof Books on

13 Name Author's by: Title Text box for information
Picture to go with text on p.3 Picture to go with text on p.5 Picture to go with text on p.7

14 Get on your feet! Step left/step right Human graphs Corners Graffiti

15 Favorite Out-of-seat Activity
Name a favorite out-of-seat activity into one block on grid. As you walk around the room, find 8 other people with ideas and take notes in the other blocks.

16 What do students say about class participation?
(Survey from an ESL class in Japan)

17 Voices of students on participation
3-2-1 3 things you expected 2 things that surprised you 1 thing you still wonder about

18 5 Elements of Cooperative Learning
Positive Interdependence Face-to-Face Interaction Individual and Group Accountability Interpersonal and Small-Group Skills Group Processing

19 Cooperative Learning 3-step interview Inside-outside circles
Numbered heads together Send a problem Jigsaw Think-Pair-Share Graffiti Four Corners

20 Cooperative Learning Write the types of cooperative learning you have used on the PLACEMAT Tell about… What it is How you used it

21 Inside-Outside Circles Reflection
One practice I use to engage students is… This session has made me think about… A strategy I will implement in my classroom is… I would like to find out more about…

22 Today, we’ve talked about ENGAGEMENT in terms of:
Motivation Brain-friendly strategies Hands-on activities Out-of-seat activities Student participation Cooperative learning

23 What else is in the packet?

24 Other topics on the Let’s Get Engaged! wiki
Empowering students through reflection and feedback Beginnings and Ends in Mind Let’s Get Visual! Are we there yet?: Actual and virtual field trips Thinking about thinking Crossing curricular boundaries Popping the questions

25 Closure Choose Two Exit tickets
1. One thing I learned today was ... 2. Something from today's workshop that I want to find out more about is ... 3. Something I found difficult to understand today was ... 4. I really enjoyed today's workshop because ... 5. I found today's workshop challenging because ...

26 Let’s Get Engaged!: Leslie Grahn, World Language Resource Teacher
Howard County Public Schools

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