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Emyle Dunlap About me.

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1 Emyle Dunlap About me

2 Sandra and Paul Dunlap They are very loving parents and take care of me with lots of LOVE!! They don’t kick me when I’m down, they cheer me up. “Turn that frown upside down” they’ll say. They take good care of me and I give them an A+++ on their PARENTING CARD. They give me toys, food, and clothes . . .and a bed (That’s why I LOVE them).

3 Laryssa Dunlap She is my sister, and without her I wouldn’t have anyone to play with or LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single time we fight now I will regret it when I am older, because she is my COMPANION!!!!!!!!!!! She is a very pretty girl and will always be my VERY Pretty sister/COMPANION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 My puppy’s Pongo is a very active/excited pup, but sometimes he can be very lazy. Pinky is also a very active/playful pup, BUT NEVER GOES TO SLEEP!!

5 My Friends My friends are my friends because GOD wanted me to have someone else to play with. My friends are creative because everyday they make up something new to play. Even when it’s a boring day! My friends say they are stupid, when they are amazing!!!!

6 My teachers Mrs. Foley is grrreat at teaching math!! A+++!!
Mrs. Shrewsbury is amazing at teaching Languge Arts!! A+++!! Mrs. Martin is astonishing at teaching science!! A+++!!

7 Signature Emyle Dunlap

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