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Christina Gilleland Jonathan Carrasco Sam Peterson Thomas McIntyre.

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1 Christina Gilleland Jonathan Carrasco Sam Peterson Thomas McIntyre

2 Benefits of Using Social Networking Sites in the Classroom  Accessible Smart phones, computers, wireless internet  Efficient Many people check their Facebook and email multiple times a day  Valuable resource Potential learning tool, a way to keep students connected and up to date

3 Downfalls of Using Social Networking Sites in the Classroom  Potential for privacy and legal issues  Conflict of interests Has resulted in sanctions  Could create biases Teachers might see information about the students that might influence their views which could affect their grades

4 Boundaries that Should be Considered  There is a certain level of professionalism that always exists between a teacher and a student A professor is a representative of the institution that he/she works at, on and off the clock When they act inappropriately, it reflects the institution that is employing them They are teachers first, and friends second (in the case of student/teacher relationships)

5 Boundaries Continued  If the professor wouldn't mention something in the classroom, it's best not to mention it on their profile page  Although there are many advantages to social networking sites that benefit the classroom, there are responsibilities that the professor has to uphold if they are going to allow students into their private life

6 University Guidelines that should be Considered in respect to Social Media  According to the Faculty Handbook Faculty members may not use professional relationships with students for private advantage or gain Faculty members may not misrepresent an institution or organization with which the educator is affiliated

7 Such a New Issue  Many universities have not developed a specific Code of Conduct or rules to abide by  Right to examine content on a case-by- case basis, and although the professor might not be in direct violation of the rules in the handbook, he/she can still be penalized

8 Does the 1 st Amendment Apply?  Legal gray area  A professor’s negative online commentary about the university, or its students, is not protected by the First Amendment  Being a professor is a 24/7 under taking. There are no times of immunity

9 1 st Amendment Continued  University social media policies are key  Schools can still regulate inappropriate online activity, even without a social media policy  DePaul University’s social media guidelines can be found at

10 Does FERPA apply to Social Networking? FERPA was designed with respect to the records a student has on campus such as:  Class Schedules  Financial Aid Records  E-mails  Electronic Records

11 FERPA has no say with regards to social networking sites because:  Students maintain their own social networking pages  Universities are not connected to the social networking sites their students decide to use

12 Positive Social Networking Presence To ensure that your social networking adventure remain positive and professional, be sure to:  Familiarize yourself with the website you decide to use Learn the privacy settings that fit your needs  If you decide to use multiple social networking sites, it is important to keep the same voice throughout all accounts  Active participation is important for a profile to look its best

13 In Conclusion…  Needs to be boundaries that are respected by both students and teachers  Because it is such a new topic of interest for many people there are not a lot of clear rules about what teachers can and cannot do on these types of sites  There is certainly more information and research being done to clarify these gray areas so in the mean time, it is important to be aware of both the pros and cons of social networking sites

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