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A collection of short poems

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1 A collection of short poems
Class A5 of 6th Junior High School of Heraklion asks you to do your piece to stop bullying. A collection of short poems

2 I am…. I am not different. I wonder why he picks on me.
I hear his insults. I see them watching. I want it to stop. I am no different from others. I am fat and short I only pretend to be OK. I feel foolish. I touch my heart and it’s scared. I worry about my life at school. I cry because they are still just watching. I understand that they feel sorry for me. I try to hide. I am as quiet as a mouse. But he is too big a cat. I hope that I find the strength. I dream that one day he will see… I am….

3 I would like… I would like to feel useful and happy.
I want to have friends but they don’t understand me. I even wonder if I am indeed “annoying” and “stupid”. I feel alone and unprotected. I see other children spending time with friends, but I am not even detected. I almost never smile. I pretend to find things funny but I don’t. I touch the words of other children and they hurt my fingers. I know that no two people are the same. I can’t understand why they call me names. I say that people can be mean and unkind. I hope everyone changes their mind. I dream of a new assertive me in a world hospitable and kind. I want to make people happy. I am going to be useful and kind.

4 Bullies…. Bullies at school Bullies in the streets.
Ignore what the bully says. Believe in your self either way. Don’t let them feel big. You are BIG You know what to do: Speak to your parents. Speak to your teachers. Talk to a friend. And the winner is always YOU

5 A Poem about watching and looking and seeing.
You look but you don’t see. Don’t you see I am as lonely as you? DON’T YOU SEE YOU’RE FAT? DON’T YOU SEE YOU’RE UGLY? TRULY? So what? At least I am not a bully. IT’S ALL FUN FOR ME . CAN’T YOU SEE? Fun to call me ugly? Fun to call me fat? I fail to see the humor. I guess I missed the joke. The only thing you want from me is to make them look but not see… that you’re no different from me. . ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS YEAH! I’VE FINALLY GOT MY CATCH. I HAVE A POWER THAT EVERYONE CAN WATCH. Hello! It’s not like that. I ‘m going to tell to a teacher. I’m going ask for help. EVERYONE KNOWS YOU WON’T EVERYONE KNOWS, WHEN YOU’RE AFRAID YOU GET A STUTTER. Then, everyone should also know that I will not be silent about things that matter

6 There is a boy at school who likes to call me names.
POEM FOR TWO VOICES There is a boy at school who likes to call me names. He says I am too stupid And I should run away. There is a boy at school whom I find annoying. I do believe him stupid. He should run away What’s the first lesson for today? I’m really good at maths and I love to hear “well done”. If only I heard it more often, I wouldn’t feel unwanted I am not as good a student and I sometimes feel alone. But I don’t want them to know so I am going to pick on Jonh Oh the bell has rung!

7 Where is he now? Where is he hiding? Stupid John, he’s always afraid. I’ll get him anyway. Doesn’t he know I always get him at breaks? Where should I hide? Where should I go? He’ll find me soon enough with something hurtful to say. His words are like a snake. shouldn’t my school feel safe? Why can’t he give me a break? The other kids stood watching as I was showing them who had power. I know they respect me now. I can hear it in their silence. The other kids stood watching as he was using language. This time he even shoved me. His words made me lose my balance

8 I know they are afraid. Better me than them
I know they are afraid. Better me than them. My life has turned to shudders. They choose to be bystanders I thrive on their attention. I count on their attendance. Their tolerance makes me stronger. It’s all about acceptance What if.. What if he asks for help? What if he tells an adult? What if my audience left me? Wouldn’t that throw me out of power? What if I asked for help? What if I told an adult? What if my peers became upstanders? Wouldn’t that throw him out of power. I worry now I am not afraid any more.



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