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2012 State Board of Directors Orientation “Its good business to do business with an AGC member”

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1 2012 State Board of Directors Orientation “Its good business to do business with an AGC member”

2 Mission Statement To be the recognized leader in providing business opportunities, education, training, resources, and advocacy for its members while advancing sound public policy for the construction industry.

3 Principles and Membership  AGC of California represents over 1,000 construction and construction related firms throughout the state.  Membership in AGC of California is open to any company in the construction industry which adheres to the principles of Skill, Integrity and Responsibility.

4 Service Area and Offices  Eureka  Shasta  Delta-Sierra  North Bay  San Francisco Bay Area  Santa Clara  Monterey Bay  San Joaquin  Tri-Counties  Los Angeles  Orange County  Riverside/San Bernardino National State Local Districts

5 Board of Directors

6 State Board of Directors  Elected for a three year term  Also serves as a Division and District Director  Establishes policies and governs the affairs of the Association  Adopts the Association’s budget  Approves the Association’s legislative program  Approves new members, resignations and expulsions  Annually elects officers of the Association  Annually establishes or sunsets standing state committees  Creates and maintains a decision-making structure for Association policy development

7 Committees/Councils  Associates Council  Awards Committee  Construction Leadership Council  Legal Advisory Committee  Membership Development Committee  National Affairs Committee  Nominating Committee  Open Shop Council  Safety & Health Council  Specialty Contractors Council  Union Contractors Councils – North & South

8  Employs and Supervises the CEO  Serves as the Budget & Finance Committee  Establishes the annual budget of the Association  Is responsible for annual audit  Approves Legislative Fund expenditure requests  Reviews and approves requests for AGC involvement in litigation  Approves support of Amicus Brief requests  Serves as the Bylaws Committee  Approves Industry Fund grant requests for submittal to trust funds  Establishes annual five-year rolling strategic plan Executive Committee

9 Chairs

10  Plan meetings and agendas with staff  Move members toward participation and decision making  Communicates accomplishments to AGC’s leadership  Approve minutes and reports to the State Board prior to distribution  Reports to the board/committee on decisions and actions of the State Board of Directors that affect the committee’s goals or activities Duties & Responsibilities Divisions Districts Committees Councils

11 AGC Staff Staff Mission: To provide outstanding customer service through communication, integrity, passion, and commitment to teamwork by creating an internal environment of respect and professionalism that will allow staff to thrive to their ultimate potential.

12  Supports the mission of AGC and ensures that AGC provides quality service to all members and staff.  Consistent with Association policies and business plan, guides the board of directors/committees in its scope of work  Serves as staff liaison representatives for all local level contracting and administrative agencies.  Serves as the informed resource to the chair and district/committee  Primary responsibility for membership recruitment  Serves as first point of contact for all Association services. Staff Responsibilities

13 Policies

14 National State Local State Board of Directors 2 Division Board of Directors 12 District Board of Directors 12 Standing State Committees AGC Education Foundation Executive Committee AGC of America How AGC Works

15  Recommend action at the District, Committee/Council or Division Level  Recommendation adopted by sponsoring entity  That recommendation is then forwarded to the State Board of Directors for formal action How to Implement Policy in AGC

16 Core Services

17  AGC offers a broad range of services and products  Legislative/ Regulatory advocacy for contractors with state and local agencies  Safety & Health  Labor Relations  Education and Training  Business Development opportunities with Public Agencies and Private Companies using Agency Liaisons and Business Mixers AGC Services

18 2012 Focus MEMBERSHIP Member Retention Increase Membership Increase Member Involvement MARKETING Internal Marketing Leadership Profiles Media Marketing ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS Information sharing among members for knowledge base. Regionalization SERVICES Provide leading edge technology and training in project delivery. Promote Core Services -develop strategy to identify member service needs Evolve and strengthen collective buying power

19  March 13-17 AGC of America Annual Convention – Honolulu, HI  April 14 Constructor Awards – Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA  May 2-4 Spring Board Meetings & Conference - Monterey Plaza Hotel, Monterey  June, 19 Legislative Day – Sacramento, CA  October 24-26 Fall Board Meetings & Conference – Hyatt Grand Champions, Indian Wells 2012 Meeting Dates

20 Special Guest Speaker Nancy McFadden

21 “Its good business to do business with an AGC member”

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