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The State Land Cadastre of Belarus: Moving Forward Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union Plenary Meeting under Polish Presidency 21-22.

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1 The State Land Cadastre of Belarus: Moving Forward Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union Plenary Meeting under Polish Presidency 21-22 November 2011, Warsaw, Poland Anastasiya Kudryakova

2 The Structure of State Land Cadastre a system of organized legal and spatial data concerning ownership, the way of use, quality and distribution of lands and land parcels. State land Cadastre State Land Cadastre Municipality Register Land Recourses Register Value Register Price Register Real Property Register Address Register Geoportal The borders of the municipalities and territorial units Attributive and spatial Information of legal significance Addresses of the registered real estate objects All kinds of spatial information Prices of all contracts recorded In the property register Results of the market and cadastral valuation

3 Institutional structure of State Land Cadastre. National Cadastral Agency State Property Committee Scientific and educational organizations Registration organization Cartography and geodesy organizations Valuation organization Valuation organization Surveying organization Registration organizations Surveying organizations Valuation organizations Valuation organizations I State bodyII National levelIII Local level Responsibilities: handling of all resources of SLC except Geoportal; enterprises registration; technical inventory of the most important and extensive objects; development of all kinds of the registration software; National Cadastral Agency – republic organization for real property registration integrity monitoring; development of the registration, inventory and valuation methodology; market and cadastral valuation; dissemination of cadastral information via web-resources

4 The Real Property Register structure Real Property Register Local registers Central register Registrars’ register Inventory register Registration files Street register Cadastral map Mortgage register

5 The registration dynamics 2000 – the system of the registration organizations is created 2002 – The Law on the Registration of the Real Property Objects, Rights and Transactions is adopted 2004 – registration is digitized, all registration agencies use registration software tool NKA_NET 2005 – the first register web-service is set in operation 2006 – the digital documents exchange was 1 st established 2008 – address register is created 2010 – NKA_RESTRICTIONS Important dates of the past

6 The registration circle. One-stop-shop in action Land allotted and building constructed Application submitted Front-office Registrar Necessary docs ordered Municipality Inventory department Inventory department Land survey Back-office Registration record created Registration certificate Owner 7 working days + extra documents Around 900 active registrars Around 2 000 000 applications executed every year More than 1 000 per year for 1 registrar Digital documents exchange NKA_E_SERVICES, NKA_RESTRICTIONS Notaries Municipalities send a digital query (simple electronic message) and get in response different kinds of extracts form the register (digital documents) Courts send a query (simple electronic message) with the decree attached (digital document) and get in response restriction registration certificate (digital document)

7 Registrar’s workstations Local server NCA central servers The registration technology Local admin NCA IT- department Local database Local server Central database Totally about 125 local databases all updates are sent in 125 places All local databases are copied daily in order to update central register Web-server Internet Local admin Local database Oracle “client-server” technology VPN

8 Quality monitoring system I. Methodology and examination II. Software tools (database integrity control) 1. The set of methodological documents is developed and upgraded constantly 2. Every registrar has to attend courses and to pass qualification attestation every 3 years (as a result can be disqualified for some period or fired) 3. Every 3 years the registration quality of every registrar is checked and his personal integrity level calculated 1. Special scripts find the mistakes in the register according to the set criteria(spelling mistakes, incomplete subject data, unstructured addresses unacceptable combination of right an subject etc.). The mistakes are corrected either manually or automatically 2. Web-site Cumulative information on the register database integrity control (statistical reports, agencies’ and registrars’ (integrity rates, information about control criteria etc.) Examples: Dates of birth : x> 19001990>x>1850x<1850 Sounds real (OK) Probable mistake. Check if it’s right Definitely a mistake. Should be corrected obligatory Building stories: X<3030<x<50X>50 Sounds real (OK) Probable mistake. Check if it’s right Definitely a mistake. Should be corrected obligatory

9 E-Services geodata services: Municipality register web-system property register abstracts: NKA_REMOTE price and value services: analytical data: “АИС РЗО” “NCA-Expert”

10 E-Services.,, NKA_REMOTE 365 clients 13 000 queries/month Clients: Banks Realters, valuers, REM-organizations Architectural and construction companies Land surveys Municipalities Investment and law firms etc. 8 clients 140 queries/month TechnologyKind of dataDigital documents UsersExtraterritorialityReal – time regime Charge gzk.nca.byWeb-serviceObjectNoAny that conclude a contract Yes oz.nca.byWeb-serviceObject + Subject YesStateYes No NKA_REMOTEClient-ServerObject + Subject NoStateYes No NKA_REMOTE 460 clients 260 000 queries/month

11 E-Services., Standard queries Real property price data Conclusion of the real property transaction Real property register Price register Property right transfer registration More than 200 000 queries/year Special queries Data for research and valuation Data for research and valuation Value maps Real estate market analysis reports Real estate market analysis reports Cadastral valuation results Market valuation results Value register Price register More than 300 000 queries/year

12 E-Services., Municipality register web-system Municipality register contains legal and spatial information about municipalities and other territorial entities (including their borders). The register archive is totally digitized. Now land surveys send the registration files as a digital document the one can get legal data about the certain municipality Only text information Can be used by anyone who concludes a contract 23 clients, 63 queries/month (small number of clients because we don’t have full data on the municipality borders, but now this is obligatory so the situation will change) Essential upgrade of Spatial information. The municipalities are positioned on the map Authorized users have access to the registration files digital archive Wider range of search criteria Municipality history is also available Thematical maps Valid borders and history Valid borders and history Statistical reports and shp-files Statistical reports and shp-files Municipality register web-system

13 E-Services. “АИС РЗО”,“NCA-Expert” NCA-Expert Analytical database that contains the knowledge accumulated by NCA legal experts during the years of practice, so you don’t have the money to consult a specialist. It includes: legal library (all necessary legal acts and methodological documents) questions and answers chat (a possibility to discuss the problem with the NCA specialist) projects of the documents to be adopted Valuers web Digital archive АИС РЗО database АИС РЗО database web Digital document + metadata web- service End users

14 Problems and Perspectives …Still there is a lot to improve: 1.Paper archives 2.Distributed database, 125 local registers 3.Territorial principal of registration 4.Mainly paper turnover 5.Mainly personal application 6.Lack of cartographic material and available spatial information 1.Week marketing and commercialization 2.Lack of the state recourses interoperability The real property registration system development program (2009-2013) real-time regime registration using “thin client” technology digital archives extraterritoriality principle brand-new security system interconnection between state informational resources geoportal

15 Digital archives Advantages: Less time to access the documents Less space for the archive Less paper (don’t have to make copies or print out e-documents) Can provide the digital copies of the docs (e.g. to courts) Don’t have to form the registration file with your own hands E-documents Paper documents E-mail (state organizations) E-mail (state organizations) NKA_NET mail Applicants Applicants Scanning Signing metadata creation metadata creation Lotus Notes metadata Digital docs Test exploitation Only new files And submitted docs

16 Extraterritorial registration Today routine: only personal application! Minsk Minsk Grodno Obstacles: Legislation Distributed database Stopgap: Applicants@Minsk registrar@Minsk (checking the docs and filling the application) Paper or digital docs Mail or e-mail registrar@Grodno (registering) Registrationcertificate Newly created land parcels registration: Applicants Surveyor (preparing surveying file and filling the application) Geoportal registrar (accessing the docs and registering) Registrationcertificate Minsk

17 NKA_NET3 Web-server Application server Oracle server Oracle server ArcGIS server ArcGIS server NCA Registrarworkstation Applicants’computers Digital archive Address register Population register Enterprise register  Real-time regime registration  No local servers and local administrators  Only central database  No contradictions between central and local data  No need to send upgrade to 125 places  Extraterritorial registration  Ability to apply for any person from any computer at any time  No need to input and renew subject, address, survey and inventory data  Higher usability  Archive metadata is created automatically  Less work for registrars  Correct registration of the extensive objects Inventory register LIS

18 NKA_RH Inventory register automation Engineer MeasurementsAutoCAD Inventory register Property register Technical passport Inventory data is easily accessible and searchable Will be automatically loaded to NKA_NET3 and upgraded if necessary More efficient statistical data

19 Thank You for the Attention

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