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NATIONAL STATE REHABILITATION COUNCIL FORUM JUNE 25, 2013 SRC Participation in State Plan Development 1.

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1 NATIONAL STATE REHABILITATION COUNCIL FORUM JUNE 25, 2013 SRC Participation in State Plan Development 1

2 Today’s Presentation Contents Description of the State Plan and its significance State Plan regulations The role of the SRC in the State Plan’s development Resources Q&A 2

3 What is the State Plan? Key document in the operation of the VR program Describes the agency’s policies and procedures Provides assurances the agency will follow statutory requirements Describes the agency’s goals and strategies to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities 3

4 What is a State Plan? The State Plan is: A contract between the VR agency and RSA For a State to receive a grant under this part, the designated State agency must submit to the Secretary, and obtain approval of, a State plan that contains a description of the state’s vocational rehabilitation services program, the plans and policies to be followed in carrying out the program, and other information requested by the Secretary, in accordance with the requirements of this part. 4 34 CFR 361.10(a) – (i)

5 The State Plan in Your State State Plans are due annually (July 1) and must be approved prior to the start of the federal fiscal year (October 1) The State Plan is a form (OMB 1820-0500) that contain assurances and attachments  All assurances and some attachments are required to be submitted or updated annually  Some attachments require updates only when changes occur The responses to State Plan assurances and attachments are specific to each VR agency 5

6 State Plan Updates The following Attachments must be updated annually: Attachment 4.2(c) - Input from the SRC (if agency has a SRC); Attachment 4.10 - Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD); Attachment 4.11(b) – Annual Estimates; Attachment 4.11(c)(3) –Description of Order of Selection (only if agency is implementing an Order of Selection); Attachment 4.11(c)(4) – Goals and Plans for Distribution of Title VI-B Funds; and Attachment 4.11(e)(2) – Report of Progress. 6

7 State Plan Requirements The State Plan must assure: The State agency actively consults with the SRC, in addition to the Client Assistances Program (CAP) director and tribal organizations (including native Americans or Hawaiian tribes), if applicable; and The conduct of public hearings throughout the State prior to implementing any substantive changes or adoptions of policies or procedures governing the provision of VR services (Section 101(a)(16)(A) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and 34 CFR 361.10(d)). 7

8 The SRC and the State Plan What is considered Substantive Changes? Substantive changes to VR and SE program service policies and procedures are those that directly impact the nature and scope of the services provided to individuals with disabilities, or the manner in which individuals interact with the VR agency, particularly as it pertains to communication with the VR counselor or the delivery of VR services. Examples of Substantive Changes:  Implementation of Order of Selection  Changes to financial participation policies 8 TAC-12-02

9 The SRC and the State Plan What is your role? The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, requires the SRC to assist in the preparation of the State Plan and its amendments State Plan Attachment 4.2(c) provides a summary of the input and recommendations of the SRC and the response of the agency, INCLUDING explanations for rejection of input or recommendations (See example in Institute on Rehabilitation Issues Appendix E, Section 5, p. 171-183) 9

10 What does this mean? The SRC should be getting information necessary to evaluate agency performance The SRC should provide advice and recommendations to the agency in establishing goals and developing policy to implement those goals The SRC should evaluate agency performance in achieving those goals But HOW do we do that? 10

11 Become an Informed Partner Ask for and familiarize yourself with relevant materials  The agency is required to provide the SRC with the same reports and information that the agency provides RSA  In the alternative, find relevant information about your state (and other states) on the RSA website: http://rsa.ed.gov Share training materials Access e-Rehab Visit the RSA website Network with other SRCs 11

12 Empower Your SRC SRCs are the consumer voice for the VR program… The State Plan is one mechanism for the SRC to partner with the VR agency to work jointly to facilitate independence, full community integration and employment for people with disabilities. Provide advice and recommendations from the position of an informed partner! 12

13 Resources RSA Website: http://rsa.ed.gov Formal Guidance:  PD-13-02 FY 2014 VR State Plan Guidance  TAC-12-02 Public Hearings and Substantive Changes State Liaisons: View All FY 2013 VR State Plans: Plan&fy=2013,2014 Plan&fy=2013,2014 SRC On-Line Training Series (includes module on the VR State Plan): 13

14 Thank you! Jim Doyle Co-Presenter 550 12 th St., SW Karen Stanfill PCP Room 5096 Texas SRC Washington, D.C. 20202-2800 202-245-6630 voice 202-245-7590 FAX 14

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