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Physical Activity Guides for Children & Youth Supported by the Government of Ontario.

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1 Physical Activity Guides for Children & Youth Supported by the Government of Ontario

2 Why do we need Physical Activity Guides? To provide recommendations on the frequency, intensity, duration and types of activity needed for health. The Guides are produced and distributed by Health Canada.

3 Physical Benefits of Physical Activity for Children & Youth l Enhances healthy growth and development l Builds strong bones, strengthens muscles & maintains flexibility l Achieves a healthy weight l Promotes good posture and balance l Improves fitness l Strengthens the heart

4 Psychological Benefits l Physical activity is consistently related to improvements in self-esteem, self-concept, depressive symptoms and anxiety / stress. Sources: Demarco & Sydney - 1989, Bouchard - 1993 and Malina - 1994.

5 Academic Benefits l Physical education has been linked to improved academic performance, particularly in mathematics, with elementary school children. Source: CFLRI, Benefits and Impact of Physical Activity for Ontario, 1995

6 Social Benefits l Girls who are active in sports are 92% less likely to use drugs, 80% less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy and three times more likely to graduate from high school. Sources: The Institute for Athletics and Education-1993, Sport Nova Scotia-1997, CAPHERD-1998 and CFLRI-1999

7 How Active Are the Kids? l Over 50% of children and youth aged 5 to 17 are not active enough for optimal growth and development Source: CFLRI, Physical Activity Monitor, 2000

8 l Cardiovasular Disease l Hypertension l High Cholesterol l Type 2 Diabetes l Osteoporosis Future Health Issues Source: Canadian Pediatric Society - Position Statement - 2002 Today’s inactive children have an increased risk for: l Mental Health Problems l Orthopedic Problems l Arthritis l Some Forms of Cancer

9 l From 1981 to 1996, the prevalence of overweight among boys 7-13 increased from 15% to 35% and among girls, from 15% to 29% Source: Tremblay and Willms. Secular Trends in the Body Mass Index of Canadian Children. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2000 Future Health Issues

10 The Guides Children: 6-9 years old Youth: 10-14 years old

11 The Recommendations The Children & Youth Guides recommend a minimum of 90 minutes per day: 30 minutes of vigorous activity + 60 minutes of moderate activity

12 How to Meet the Recommedations l Increase physical activity gradually. l Reduce non-active time (TV, computer, video games). l Build physical activity throughout the day in periods of at least 5 to 10 minutes. l Find FUN activities!

13 What Activities Should Children & Youth Do? Strength-building activities Flexibility activities Endurance activities

14 Additional Supports: The Magazines The magazines are for the children & youth themselves to help them find fun ways to meet the Guide Recommendations.

15 Additional Supports: The Family Guides The Family Guides will assist parents, caregivers and guardians in helping children & youth integrate physical activity in their lives.

16 Additional Supports: The Teachers’ Guides The Teachers’ Guides will assist teachers through classroom activities and discussions to help students increase their physical activity.

17 Additional Supports: The Physical Activity Chart & Stickers The Physical Activity Chart and Stickers are ideal for posting on a fridge or bulletin board. They are designed for children 6-9 and will help them track their progress.

18 Who Endorses the Guide? Everyone!!! National Organizations: Active & Safe Routes to School Arthritis Society Assembly of First Nations Association of Local Public Health Agencies Block Parent Program of Canada Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine Canadian Assoc, for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Canadian Assoc. for the Advancement of Women & Sport & P.A. Canadian Association for Young Children Canadian Association of Principals Canadian Child Care Federation Canadian Council on Social Development Canadian Diabetes Association Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Canadian Home and School Canadian Institute of Child Health Canadian Intramural Recreation Canadian Lung Association Canadian Medical Association Canadian Mental Health Association Canadian Nurses Association Canadian Paediatric Society Canadian Parks and Recreation Association Canadian Physiotherapy Association Canadian Psychiatric Association Canadian Psychological Association Canadian Public Health Association Canadian School Boards Association Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Canadian Special Olympics Canadian Teachers' Federation Child/Women's Health Program Children's Safety Association of Canada Child Welfare League of Canada Coalition for Active Living College of Family Physicians of Canada Dietitians of Canada Family Service Canada Federation of Canadian Municipalities Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada Go for Green Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Lifesaving Society Developmental & Pediatric Services National Crime Prevention Centre National Institute of Nutrition Osteoporosis Society of Canada Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada Safe Kids Canada, National Injury Prevention Program Scouts Canada United Way of Canada/Centraide Canada Vanier Institute of the Family Victoria Order of Nurses for Canada YMCA of Canada YWCA of Canada Children's Hospitals: Alberta Children's Hospital Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Children's & Women's Health Centre of BC Hospital for Sick Children IWK Health Centre Janeway Children's Hospital Montreal Children's Hospital Winnipeg Children's Hospital

19 For More Information and to Order: l Call: 1-888-334-9769 l Visit:

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