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STUDENT GUIDE. Go to the PUC Homepage located at From the Student drop-down menu, move cursor over the myPUC link and click myPUC Portal.

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2 Go to the PUC Homepage located at From the Student drop-down menu, move cursor over the myPUC link and click myPUC Portal. DegreeWorks Log-In Procedure

3 This will open the myPUC log-in page. Enter User Name and Password. Click Log-in to access the myPUC homepage. myPUC Login

4 Click the Enrollment Services/PCStar gray tab located across the top of the page. Enrollment Services/PCStar

5 The myPUC /PCStar Main Menu page will open. Click Access your personal student records located under the PCStar Main Menu. PCStar Main Menu

6 The Enrollment Services/PCStar page will open. Click the Student Services & Financial Aid link. Student Services & Financial Aid

7 The Student Services & Financial Aid page will open. Click DegreeWorks located at the bottom of the page. It is identified by the yellow star. DegreeWorks

8 The DegreeWorks Welcome Page will open. Click on Instructions to access the DegreeWorks use instructions. Click Continue to be directed to the DegreeWorks application page. Continue to DegreeWorks

9 DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students monitor their progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks combines degree requirements and completed coursework in an easy-to-read worksheet. This worksheet helps students to see how courses count toward degree requirements, as well as the courses still needed for degree completion. Introductory Application Page

10 The general information bar, located across the top of the DegreeWorks Introductory page, contains access to FAQ ’s about the DegreeWorks application, Help documents for each of the options in DegreeWorks, a link to print a student audit, and a link to log out of the DegreeWorks application. General Information Bar

11 The student information bar, located across the top of the DegreeWorks Introductory page, contains information regarding a Student Name, ID, Degree, Major, Level and the date of the last audit conducted for a student. Student Information Bar

12 The DegreeWorks options tabs, located across the top of the Introductory page, include the Worksheets tab, the Planner tab, and the GPA Calculator tab. Options Tabs

13 The DegreeWorks Worksheets audit page will open in Student View. Student View is the default format under the Worksheets Menu Bar. The Worksheets Menu Bar contains a drop-down Format option, a View button to refresh an audit after changing formats, and a link to Class History, which offers a report of classes taken by the student. Worksheets Function

14 Under Student View, the Student Data Block displays information such as Student ID, Advisor, Overall GPA, Degree, and Major/Minor. Student View Worksheet

15 The Degree Progress bar displays an estimate of a student’s degree completion percentage. Please note: This percentage is calculated from the number of check boxes completed, not the actual degree completion. Degree Progress Bar

16 The degree requirements block outlines course work requirements that are complete and/or unmet. This block encompasses the General Education requirements, as well as the course Major requirements outlined by the University. Degree Requirements Block

17 The General Education block outlines the general education course requirements of a particular major. This student audit shows that the English Composition Requirements have been met by the student, but that the Additional Math/Science requirement is still needed. General Education Block

18 The Major block area of a student audit outlines the course requirements for a student’s major area of study. This student audit shows several completed courses, and two courses that are still needed to fulfill the Major requirements in Pol Sci – Criminal Justice BA. Major Block

19  The What-If option, located under the Worksheets tab, allows students to explore other degree options to determine how new courses could fulfill various degree.  Students utilizing this option may pick a different Major and/or Minor, or may add future courses. Worksheets - What-If Function

20 Utilizing the What-If function under the Student View option allows students to see how varied course scenarios would look if a different degree option was chosen. Student View

21 Under the What-If header, choose from the options in the Level, Degree, and/or Academic Year drop-down boxes. Under the Areas of Study header, choose from the Major and/or Minor drop-down boxes. Under the Future Classes header, choose a subject or conduct a search for a specific course. What-If Function

22 Once all options have been selected, click Process What-If to view the newly-proposed student audit. This audit will not be saved once viewing is complete. What-If Process

23  The Look-Ahead function allows students to view an audit showing the courses for which they plan to register in future semesters. Worksheets - Look Ahead Function

24 Click in the Subject box to enter a course subject code. Click in the Number box to enter a course number. Click Add Course to add new courses to the audit. If Subject code or course Number are unknown, click Find to locate desired courses. Look Ahead Function

25 Once the list of courses has been created, click Process New to process the Look Ahead audit. To remove a course from consideration, highlight the course and click Remove Course. Process New

26  The Planner function in DegreeWorks allows students to view a previously- created academic plan or add a new plan of study using the Student Educational Planner.  To view either a previously-created plan or to add a new plan, click in the drop-down menu, choose your desired option, and click Load. Planner Function

27 When the desired plan has been loaded, the Planner Worksheet will appear on the left side of the screen, while the Student Educational Planner will appear on the right side of the screen. Planner Worksheet

28 Click in the Academic Year drop-down box to select the desired academic year. Click in the Select Term drop-down box to select the desired term. Students may add the courses in which they plan to take to the course list. The drag and drop feature works well for this option. Students may also plan out several terms to help map out their entire plan of study. Planner Process

29 Notes may be added to the proposed plan of study. Once the needed information has been added, click Load and the plan of study will be added. Click Save Plan to save the newly-created plan of study. Planner Process Continued

30  Students may use the GPA (Grade Point Average) Calculator to view the following features: ~Graduation Calculator ~Term Calculator ~ Advice Calculator GPA Calculator Function

31  Click in the Credits Remaining box & enter the number of remaining credits needed for graduation.  Click in the Credits Required box and enter the number of required credits for degree completion.  Click in the Desired GPA box and enter your desired graduation GPA.  Click Calculate. Graduation Calculator

32 A screen will appear with information regarding the necessary average GPA that will be required to meet the student’s graduation GPA goal. Click Recalculate to change input information and obtain new GPA average. Graduation Calculator Process

33 The Term Calculator may be used by students to set goals, as well as to map paths to avoid probation or to achieve honors. Term Calculator

34 Click in the Credits boxes and enter the number of credits for each course. Click in the Grade drop-down boxes to enter the expected grade in each course. Click Calculate. Term Calculator

35 A screen will appear with the newly-calculated GPA. Click Recalculate to return to the original screen where grade or class information may be revised. Recalculate

36 Students may use the advice calculator to figure out how to raise their GPA, using actual grades as advice. Click in the Desired GPA box to enter a desired GPA. Click Calculate. Advice Calculator

37 A screen will appear showing the average grade that will be needed to obtain the desired results. Click Recalculate to return to original screen and revise information. Recalculate

38 Click Help at the top of the screen to view documentation to aid in the use of DegreeWorks. Help documents are available for each of the DegreeWorks functions. Students need to be in a specific function to access the related Help documents. Help Documents

39 Please contact an advisor or the Office of the Registrar for additional information on plans of study or DegreeWorks. For Additional Information or Assistance

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