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Student Support Services

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1 Student Support Services
Campus Change Guide

2 Welcome to UConn Storrs!
Changing to UConn’s main campus is a wonderful opportunity to experience college life to its fullest. In addition to top-ranked academics, there are hundreds of clubs and organizations, social events and endless opportunities to get involved and grow personally, professionally, and academically. However, it can present some challenges. Here are some to be aware of before you transfer…

3 You may experience TRANSFER SHOCK!
Challenge: You may experience TRANSFER SHOCK! Transfer shock can occur when students transfer from one college campus to another. It’s a term used to describe the dip in grades that some students experience the first semester of transfer as they adjust to their new surroundings. If this happens to you, it does not mean that you don’t have what it takes to succeed at your new campus; however, it may mean that you need to adjust your study habits and seek out resources you never utilized before.

4 Ways to ease transfer shock:
First, accept that even though you are an experienced college student, when it comes to your new campus you are a beginner all over again. You may need to approach academics in a new way. Learn as much as possible about your new campus prior to transferring. Be sure to meet with your new Storrs SSS Counselor when he/she visits your regional campus in the spring prior to your campus change. Attend the Storrs SSS Leadership Conference in late August. This will enable you to move in early, meet other students, and learn how to navigate the campus before thousands of other students arrive. Attend the Campus Change meeting held in Storrs the Sunday before fall classes start. Introduce yourself to your Storrs SSS Counselor early on during the first semester of transfer to learn about campus resources and to identify your Program Advisor. Establish a relationship with your Professors and Teaching Assistants early in the semester by attending their office hours.

5 Challenge: Class sizes may be much larger and offer less personalized attention.
Your classes may be held in large lecture halls filled with hundreds of other students. Smaller breakout discussion sessions are usually led by Teaching Assistants. You may need to take a more active role in your learning, including incorporating new study and reading strategies in order to effectively process information.

6 What can you do to avoid being lost in the crowd?
Attend all Teaching Assistant led discussion sessions . TAs can be valuable resources in helping you understand course material. Visit your professors during their office hours and introduce yourself. This will enable them to associate a face and personality with the name and ID number on their roster. Join course-related study groups. Be visible by sitting near the front of the lecture hall. Remember, your professors want you to succeed in their courses, but they can’t help you if they don’t know you. It is up to you to establish the relationship.

7 Challenge: Coursework may be more difficult.
Larger class sizes, a focus on research, and moving into upper level major courses may require you to adjust your study habits to new levels. There are many resources available on campus to help you succeed academically. Successful students take full advantage of these resources before they run into challenges.

8 Challenge: You may get homesick.
Being away from friends and family for extended periods of time can be difficult. Here are some ways to ease the longing for home: Get involved in campus activities, clubs, and events. Make an effort to meet new people and establish friendships. Develop a relationship with your new SSS Counselor so you feel comfortable discussing any issues and/or challenges that might arise. Give yourself time to adjust to the change. Resist the urge to go home on the weekends; instead, take part in campus life fully.

9 Challenge: Learning to navigate the campus may feel overwhelming.
SSS strongly encourages you to attend the SSS Leadership Conference in late August. This offers you the opportunity to move into your dorm early, meet your peers and SSS counselors, and get acquainted with the campus before thousands of other students move in. Also, be aware that WOW (Week of Welcome) has many events scheduled the weekend before classes begin, including a Campus Change Meeting.

10 Challenge: Trying to identify your Academic Advisor
When you transfer, most likely you will have declared a major. If so, you will be assigned an academic advisor within your program of study. Often your new advisor is a professor. It is important for you to make appointments with your academic/program advisor each semester to ensure that you are taking courses that are appropriate and relevant to your major. Your SSS Counselor can assist you with identifying your academic/program advisor, and also will continue to monitor your academic progress and assist you with other academic- related concerns.

11 Remember, you don’t have to face these potential challenges alone
Remember, you don’t have to face these potential challenges alone. Your participation in SSS continues at the Storrs Campus! Visit the Storrs SSS Office often. It’s a great way to learn about campus resources and opportunities, meet new people, have your questions answered, and stay connected. The Storrs SSS office is located in room 231, 2nd floor of the Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE). SSS students hanging out in the office Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)

12 Your Storrs SSS Counselor is committed to helping you succeed.
Your Storrs SSS Counselor provides: Academic, financial aid, personal, and career counseling Assistance with identifying academic advisors, majors, and campus resources Information on and assistance with Studying Abroad Opportunities for you to be involved with Peer Advising and Peer Tutoring Letters of recommendation Graduation preparation Graduate School advising And much more… See you in Storrs!

13 Campus Change Resources:

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