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Country Environmental Analysis at the Asian Development Bank Rolf Zelius.

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1 Country Environmental Analysis at the Asian Development Bank Rolf Zelius

2 CEA’s in ADB (1) The Country Environmental Analysis (CEA) provides background information necessary for informed decision making on environmental constraints, needs, and opportunities in a developing member country, including those that impinge upon poverty partnership agreements

3 CEA’s in ADB (2) Background: ADB was reorganised in 2002 Under the new business practices, the Country Strategy and Program (CSP) requires longer term and more integrated approach to planning and resource allocation based on sectoral “Road Maps” and thematic analyses A key thematic analysis is the CEA

4 CEA’s in ADB (3) CEA’s are directed at policy, program, and sector levels are required for all and updated CSP carried out in 2003 will serve as basis for planning of environmental projects and technical assistance will serve as a Initial Strategic Environmental Assessment of projects and technical assistance proposed or identified in the CSP

5 CEA format (1) The CEA is expected to provide: –Environmental quality baseline –Trends in environmental quality under business as usual scenario –Identification of major factors affecting the trend –Financing and budget analysis –Government program (Policy and Infrastructure) –Multilateral and bilateral agencies’ programs

6 CEA format (2) Institutional Analysis –Legislation, regulations, standards, –Resources allocated for enforcement –Governance, political will and transparency of enforcement mechanisms –Organizational structure for enforcement and updating of environmental regulations and standards Gap analysis ADB past and proposed program

7 CEA issues (1) CEA and the need for greater cooperation between government and the international financial institutions as well as among development assistance institutions to develop common –environmental quality baseline –trend analysis of environmental quality –institutional analysis –budget analysis

8 CEA issues (2) CEA will require exchange of information on the road maps of government and the multilateral and bilateral institutions –to a common or compatible gap analysis –to minimise if not to eliminate duplication –to make a wider and longer term view in the planning of environmental programs or interventions

9 Ongoing & planned CEA’s / CEA-type work (1) AZERBAIJANCountry Environmental Analysis (CEA) 2004 BANGLADESHCEA 2003 CAMBODIACEA 2003, National Performance Assessment (NPA) 2004 CHINA PRPilot CEA completed in 2002, Yunnan Province NPA 2004 KAZAKHSTANCEA 2003 KYRGYZ REPUBLIC CEA 2003 LAO PDREnvironment Monitor 2003 (with WB), NPA 2004 MONGOLIACEA 2004 NPA – National Performance Assessment and Sub-regional Strategic Environmental Framework in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

10 Ongoing & planned CEA’s / CEA-type work (2) MAYANMARNPA 2004 NEPALCEA 2004 PACIFIC DMC’sRegional Environmental Strategy 2003 PHILIPPINESCEA 2004 TAJIKISTANCEA 2003 THAILANDCEA 2004 TURKMENISTANCEA 2004 UZBEKISTANCEA 2004 VIETNAMNPA 2004

11 Pilot CEA in China PR (1) I.Introduction A.Purpose of Country Environmental Analysis B.Limitations of the Country Environmental Analysis II.Background A.Economic Setting 1.Physical Characteristics 2.Economic Trends

12 Pilot CEA in China PR (2) B. Key Environmental Issues Facing the PRC 1.Issues and Indicators 2.Land Degradation 3.Land Management 4.Water Quality 5.Water Resource Availability 6.Flooding 7.Water Pollution Discharges 8.Ambient Air Quality 9.Air Pollution Emissions and Sources 10.Acid Deposition 11.Greenhouse Gases

13 Pilot CEA in China PR (3) C. Institutional Framework 1.Policy and Legislative Framework 2.Environmental Management a)State Environmental Protection Administration b)Overview of Environmental Management Structure c)Environmental Management in Practice 3.Natural Resource Management a)Water Resource Management, Ministry of Water Resources b)Lands and Forests, Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Protection Administration 4.Construction Management a)Ministry of Construction 5.International Environmental Agreements 6.Inter-organizational Collaboration 7.Public Participation

14 Pilot CEA in China PR (4) III.Priorities for Action A.Past Environmental Record of PRC B.Environmental Information Needs C.Review of ADB Country Strategy and Program 1.Environmental Review of Country Strategy 2.Environmental Review of Country Program 3.Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations Appendixes Appendix 1.Suggested Indicators for Monitoring Environmental Performance Appendix 2.Departments and Divisions of State Environmental Protection Adm. Appendix 3.Affiliated Institutions of State Environmental Protection Administration Appendix 4.ADB Lending Program 2002 - 2005 Appendix 5.ADB Technical Assistance Program 2002 - 2005

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