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TIDE Presentation Florida Standards Assessments 1 FSA Regional Trainings Updated 02/09/15.

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1 TIDE Presentation Florida Standards Assessments 1 FSA Regional Trainings Updated 02/09/15

2 What is TIDE? 2 TIDE stands for Test Information Distribution Engine Central management tool for computer- and paper-based testing Used to manage:  District- and school-level users  Students  Testing and test materials

3 Test Delivery System Overview 3 CBT Testing TIDE User Management and Student Enrollment TA Interface Test Administration ORS Score Reports, Participation Reports Paper Testing TIDE User Management, Student Enrollment, Test Materials Paper Testing Test Administration ORS Score Reports

4 TIDE User Roles 4 TIDE is organized by user role and access to certain tasks, and functions are assigned to specific roles. A detailed list of roles and their access to tasks is available in the TIDE User Guide. District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) School Administrator (SA) Computer- Based Test Coordinator (CBT) Test Administrator (TA)

5 User Role Chart 5

6 Common Login System 6 TIDE and any FSA system can be accessed from the FSA Portal at The same username (email address) and password are used to access each of the systems

7 First-Time Users Initial DAC accounts were created by FDOE and AIR. New users can be added by district- or school-level users. Newly added users will receive an automated email that contains the following:  Their assigned user role(s)  The applications to which they have access  A secure, temporary, one-time link to activate the account If a user has not received this email, or if the link has expired, contact the FSA Help Desk. 7

8 Accessing TIDE To access TIDE, you will need: Username (email address) and password High-speed Internet connection Supported Internet browser Enabled JavaScript Disabled pop-up blockers 8

9 Accessing TIDE 9 Access the FSA portal at Select the appropriate role Click the TIDE icon

10 Logging In 10 When prompted, the user should enter his or her username (email address) and password. After a user has logged in, he or she may be prompted to choose an administration, depending on the user’s role.

11 11 TIDE Homepage

12 Manage Users Tab 12 The Manage Users tab may be used to: Search for user records Export a list of user records View and/or edit user records Delete user records Add a new individual user Upload a group of users

13 Adding a User 13 To add an individual user, select the Add User tab. Select the role that will be assigned to the user, fill in the required fields, and click Add User.

14 Uploading Users 14 To add a large group of users, select the Upload Users tab. Download an Excel or CSV template and add new user information.

15 Uploading Users 15 Add users to the fields. A user can be added to multiple roles by creating an additional record for each role.

16 Uploading Users 16 To upload the file, click Browse to locate the saved file, and start the upload process.

17 Manage Users: View/Edit Users 17 Use the search feature to find the user(s) you wish to view or edit. Click the Search button after all search criteria have been selected/entered.

18 Manage Users: View/Edit Users 18 To view or edit a user’s record, click the View button next to the user’s name. Authorized users may edit the user’s first name, last name, and phone number. Click Save to save changes or Go Back To Search Results to return to results without making changes.

19 Manage Users: Export a List of Users 19 To export the list of users, click the “check all” box at the top left corner of the table or select a subgroup of users by clicking the check box next to each record you want to include in the export. Click Export and select the desired export format (Excel or CSV).

20 Manage Users: Delete a User 20 To delete a user, click the check box next to the user’s record and click the Delete button. A confirmation screen will appear.

21 Student Information Tab 21 The Student Information tab may be used to: Add a new student Search for students and view student information Export a list of students Print test tickets for computer-based testing Move a student to a different school in the district Print On-Demand PreID labels

22 Student Information Tab: Add Student 22 To add a single student record, select Add Students. Select the correct district and school and fill in other required information. Save the entry.

23 Student Information Tab: View/Edit Students 23 To view or edit student records, select View/Edit Students. Fill in information to help narrow results and click Search.

24 Student Information: View a Student Record 24 To view a student’s record, click the View button for that record.

25 View Student: Student Information 25 The top of the View Student Details box contains the demographic information for the selected student. District and School Assessment Coordinators will also be able to edit all student information except for the student’s SID and reporting ID on this screen. Student information can be updated before or after testing.

26 Student Information: Export a List of Students 26 Search for students. You may sort the results by clicking on the column header. You may select a subgroup of students to export by clicking the check box next to each record you want to include in the export. To export the list of students, click Export and select the desired export format (Excel or CSV).

27 Student Information: Moving Students 27 To reassign a student’s home school, click the check box next to the student and select Move Students. A screen will appear verifying the student’s information. Select a new school for the student and click Move Student(s).

28 Student Information: Printing Test Tickets for Computer-Based Testing 28 Students participating in computer-based testing will be required to have a test ticket. From the student search results page, select all students or a subgroup of students, and click Print Test Tickets. The tickets containing the students’ username and other demographic information will be made available for printing. Note: To print Test Tickets by class code, use the additional search criteria when searching for students on the View/Edit Students tab.

29 Student Information: Printing PreID Labels for Paper-Based Testing 29 PreID labels are included in the test materials shipments. PreID Labels may be printed on-demand locally for any students who were not included in the original PreID upload or for students who transferred to a school after the PreID upload. To Print PreID Labels,  Click the check box next to the student(s) and click Print PreID Labels.  A file will open with the new PreID Labels.  Print on the blank labels provided in the paper- based materials shipment.

30 Manage Rosters 30 Create a new roster or add students to an existing roster.

31 Manage Rosters: New Roster 31 To create a new roster, enter a name, select a school user and grade, and populate the roster by using the Move In button.

32 Manage Rosters: View/Edit Roster 32 To edit an existing roster, select the roster you would like to edit from the Rosters tab. Select students to Move In or Move Out of the roster. Click Save.

33 Invalidations and Requests 33 The Invalidations and Requests tab may be used by District and School Assessment Coordinators to create and view test invalidations and requests.

34 Invalidations and Requests: Search 34 To view or check on a test invalidation or request, use the View Invalidations and Requests tab.

35 Other TIDE Resources 35 TIDE User Guide TIDE Webinar (February) Test Administrator User Guide

36 Contact Us 36 FSA Toll-Free Phone:1-866-815-7246 Hours:7:00 a.m.–8:30 p.m. (ET) Monday–Friday (except holidays)

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