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CTS Strategic Roadmap Walkthrough, v1.2 Dan Mercer.

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1 CTS Strategic Roadmap Walkthrough, v1.2 Dan Mercer

2 Agenda Background Vision (5 yr. trends) Roadmap Framework Roadmap Walkthrough Next Steps Summary 2

3 Where is CTS going? 3

4 What will it look like? 4

5 Should we work on “A” or “B”? 5

6 What comes next? 6

7 Background Questions asked by: – Customers Business Leaders Technology Planners – Legislature and Oversight Partners – Suppliers and Vendors – CTS Service Owners and Technical Staff 7

8 Background One answer, or document, does not satisfy all points of view: – Business perspective – Financial / budget perspective – Implementation perspective (e.g. service features and timelines) 8

9 Background Traditionally addressed by a “strategic plan” – Large binder of documents, not easily referenced – Typically becomes “shelf-ware” In contrast, a Strategic Roadmap: – Delivers a concise, comprehensive overview of strategy – Answers questions “at a glance”, but at a high level – Is easily referenced and refreshed regularly – Is a tool to focus discussion and guide detailed planning 9

10 Vision – 5 Yr. Trends Understanding the disruptive trends that could affect the business and our customers 10

11 Transition Where We Are Where We Are Going Decision Points / Priorities / Opportunities What change looks like – the value proposition What needs to change and why? Not a Gantt Chart -- Sequence & Dependencies are more important than exact timelines. Business IT Infrastructure Endpoint Computing Data and IT Asset Protection CTS Strategic Roadmap Framework How CTS will change over time – the strategies, objectives and milestones Coordinated Strategies: Each objective must support and enable the business and other objectives vertically between rows. 11

12 CTS Strategic Road Map (Detail View) Click for Online Roadmap 12

13 Are we there yet? 13

14 When? How Much? What are the risks? What are the rewards? What are the priorities? Are we there yet? 14

15 Next Steps - Phase II TACTICAL ROADMAPS CURRENTFUTURE CLOSE THE GAP Each objective needs a Tactical Roadmap, i.e. strategy for closing the gap Projects will be prioritized to implement the changes Linked 15

16 Summary High-level view of how and why CTS will change over time Provides a long-term direction for agency focus and a foundation for CTS' priorities and investments Developed through the lens of 5 year market trends A tool to stimulate discussion and guide decisions Strategies can change based on decision points Timing is relative - Sequence and vertical relationships are more important than dates 16

17 Summary NEXT PHASE: – Detailed Tactical Roadmaps that describe costs, timing, risks and rewards – Strategic and Tactical roadmaps will be linked – Eventually, projects will be prioritized, funded, resourced and scheduled to implement the changes 17

18 Are we there yet? I’ll check the Roadmap! Did he just pass another rest stop? About time, Mr. “I don’t need directions” 18

19 Appendix 19 Extra Slides CTS Roadmap Characteristics Selected Roadmap Highlights

20 CTS Roadmap Characteristics Concise overview of a coordinated and comprehensive strategy Highlights high impact strategies, objectives and decision points Conveys relationships and dependencies – not a Gantt chart Provides a long-term direction for agency focus and a foundation for CTS' priorities and investments Used as a tool to guide decisions and detailed planning activities Available online and print, refreshed regularly 20

21 Selected Roadmap Highlights Business Strategies – Increase customer satisfaction; Optimize resources; Focus on value, quality, agility, innovation, security, trust, resilience and accountability IT Infrastructure Strategies: – Telecomm: Manage networks as a critical state asset; Convergence; Integrated enterprise Wi-Fi; Software-defined networking – Storage: Optimize storage for agility and value; Cloud integration; Emerging technology; Software-defined storage – Hosting: State government cloud; Cloud brokerage and hybrid IT; Hosted virtual workspace-as-a-service; Cloud management platform – Data Processing: Platform-as-a-Service; Hybrid DP environments 21

22 Selected Roadmap Highlights Endpoint Computing Strategies: – Mobility: Ubiquitous mobility; Anywhere, any device; Expanded BYOD – E-mail & Collaboration: State-of-the-art services; Cloud integration; Hybrid services Data and IT Asset Protection Strategies: – Security & Identity: Enhanced security infrastructure; Identity and access management; Cloud integration – Data Centers: Optimized data centers; Increased customer base; Increased regulation and compliance – Disaster Recovery: Consistent and coordinated DR; DR options for all critical CTS services; Consolidate DR to remote site 22

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