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The Future Tense p. 260 Chapter 6 Realidades 3.

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1 The Future Tense p. 260 Chapter 6 Realidades 3

2 The Future Tense You can express the future tense in Spanish in three ways. One way is using the present tense with a time expression. El tren sale a las dos.

3 The Future Tense Another way is by using ir + a + infinitive.
Este sábado voy a reciclar todas las botellas.

4 The Future Tense A third way is to use the future tense.
In the future tense, all verbs (-ar/-er/-ir) have the same endings. For most verbs, attach the endings to the infinitive.

5 The Future Tense Here are all the forms of pasar, aprender, and pedir in the future tense. Note that all three kinds of verbs have the same endings. All forms have a written accent except the nosotros form.

6 APRENDER aprenderé aprenderás aprenderá aprenderemos aprenderéis

7 The Future Tense The verbs tener, poder, saber, and hacer have irregular stems in the future tense: tendr-, podr-, sabr-, and har- The endings however are the same as for regular verbs. é, ás, á, emos, éis, án

8 TENER--future tendré tendrás tendrá tendremos tendréis tendrán

9 Future: Other Irregular Verbs
Other verbs that have irregular stems in the future tense are: Decir dir- Poner pondr- Querer querr- Salir saldr- Venir vendr-

10 The Future Tense See if you can translate these sentences.

11 The Future Tense Mañana comenzaremos el trabajo.
Tomorrow we will begin work. El futuro será mejor. The future will be better.

12 Future: Other Irregular Verbs
En el futuro dirán que la destrucción de las selvas tropicales causó muchos problemas ecológicos. In the future they will say that the destruction of the rain forests caused many ecological problems.

13 Future: Other Irregular Verbs
Pondremos más plantas en nuestra casa. We will put more plants in our house.

14 Future: Other Irregular Verbs
Querremos luchar contra la guerra y por la paz. We will want to fight against war and for peace.

15 Future: Other Irregular Verbs
Saldré muy temprano por la mañana. ¿Vendrás conmigo? I will leave very early in the morning. Will you come with me?

16 Future Thus the future tense can often be translated as “will….”

17 The Future Tense Remember HABER?
Here are the forms you have learned so far: Hay, había, and hubo. There is/are, there used to be, there was.

18 The Future Tense There is a future tense form of HABER: Habrá
It means: there will be

19 The Future Tense Habrá muchas oportunidades para usar el español en mi carrera.

20 The Future Tense The future is often used with si + a verb in the present tense. Si viajas al espacio, ¿tendrás que comer comida especial?

21 Future of probability You also use the future tense in Spanish to express uncertainty or probability in the present.

22 Future of Probability The English equivalents in these cases are:
I wonder It’s probably / they’re probably It must be / They must be

23 Future of Probability ¿Dónde estarán mis zapatos?
Where can my shoes be? Estarán debajo de tu cama. They must be under your bed. ¿Qué hora será? I wonder what time it is. Serán las seis. It’s probably six o’clock.

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