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World War 1 The War to end all Wars!!. The Spark.

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1 World War 1 The War to end all Wars!!

2 The Spark

3 The Assassin

4 Causes Imperialism- colonization was nearly done around the world and the losers were jealous of the winners. Militarism- the rise in power of the military leaders led to buildups in weapons and personnel. Nationalism- the rise of ethnic groups within borders led to calls for independence. Alliances- treaties both public and private led to a tangled web of promises to defend. Germany’s promise to back Austria’s invasion of Serbia led to the start of the war.

5 Picking Sides Central Powers- Germany and Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire(Turkey), Bulgaria Allies- Russia, France, Serbia, Great Britain, Italy

6 Weapons Machine Guns Rapid Fire Artillery Grenades Poison Gas

7 Trench Warfare

8 Trench Life Picking Lice from Clothing

9 Trench Battle

10 American Response Most Americans favored the Allied Powers In order to protect shipping President Wilson declared America to be neutral. Americans distrusted Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany because of his opposition to democracy.

11 Kaiser Wilhelm II

12 Preparedness American soldiers started training for combat in 1915 in case of our entry into the war.

13 America Gets Ready for War

14 Soldiers Wanted

15 German Submarine Warfare

16 Lusitania 128 Americans Killed

17 Lusitania Today

18 The Zimmerman Note

19 Zimmerman

20 Zimmerman Pledge to Mexico

21 US Declaration of War After the sinking of three US ships after the Zimmerman note was discovered, the US declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917

22 Financing the War

23 Training for War

24 American Influence the Outcome America turned the tide against Germany on the western front. The US Marines were told to dig no trenches to retreat to and they didn’t!!

25 What it looked like

26 Trenches Today

27 Flu Epidemic of 1918 American Soldiers brought it with them 500,000 German soldiers caught it More American soldiers died from the flu than in battle All told over 500,000 Americans and 30 million worldwide died from this virus

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