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8 units of study…... WHAT YOU WILL STUDY? Religious Studies B (Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics) J621 PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION AND ETHICS.

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1 8 units of study…..

2 WHAT YOU WILL STUDY? Religious Studies B (Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics) J621 PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION AND ETHICS

3 PHILOSOPHY UNITS 1.Nature of the Deity 2.Matters of Life and Death 3. Science and Religion 4. Good and Evil

4 ETHICS UNITS 1.Religion peace and justice 2.Religion and equality 3.Religion and human relationships 4.Medical Ethics

5 No Controlled assessment!

6 Key Skills required... Discussing - giving your own ideas and opinions. Arguing from different points of view. Remembering key words and meanings. Using religious ideas, beliefs and teachings to back up a point of view. Writing evaluative answers about moral issues using opinions, examples and beliefs.

7 You will consider questions like ……… Why do people believe in God?

8 Consider Questions of Meaning and Purpose… Why are we here? Where are we going? What’s the purpose of life on earth?

9 Why is there evil and suffering?

10 Do we have the right?

11 What are we doing to this planet?

12 Should criminals be executed?

13 Is this the way human life should be created?

14 Should we play God? Is animal and human cloning A step too far??

15 Has our interference gone too far?

16 “But I don’t want to be the next Vicar of Dibley!” We don’t train people to be vicars, nuns or potential popes. The subject is open to all regardless of religious or non-religious belief.

17 There are lots of good reasons to study RE. Skills from RE Note taking How to form an argument- tested Public speaking Needed for English or drama GCSE Develop my knowledge of current affairs – needed for all subjects especially English. Critical/abstract thinking – needed for all subjects Argue and evaluate in GCSE’s Why do we study PRE at ROUNDWOOD?

18 A qualification in Religious Studies is useful in some of the following professions: Media work – news, television etc Law Politics Medicine The Army Social care Voluntary work Journalism Education The Police The Ministry, of course.

19 Which subjects do universities suggest are useful?

20 Teaching: so that you can understand your pupils who may come from many different backgrounds Social worker- so you can understand all the families and people that you will work with. Business - if you work in the business world you may have to travel the world or work in city where you will meet people from many different faiths, PRE will help you understand them and avoid offending people. If you get on with people you can do business and make money! Air Steward/pilot – you will be travelling the world meeting people of different faiths and cultures. PRE will help you get on with the people you meet. Journalist- you may be asked to write about a religious story, lots of the news today is about religion or faith. You may write about a moral problem such as abortion which we discuss in PRE. An RE GCSE shows you have good writing and research skills. Army/ Navy/RAF- you will travel the world and need to understand the beliefs of the people you are meeting. Sadly many wars are about religion. RE can help you understand why you are being asked to fight. Footballer- you may play abroad and meet people from different faiths or play with people who have a faith. PRE will help you understand the people you meet or understand your new country. Lawyer: your clients will come from many different backgrounds RE will help you understand them. For example why a Roman Catholic may not want a divorce.

21 If you enjoy… Finding out about issues that affect us all Learning about issues that are constantly in the news Looking at topics that really make you think Being able to say what you think

22 PRE RESULTS – FULL COURSE AT ROUNDWOOD 2014100% A*- C 2013 85% A*- C 2012100% A*- C 2011100% A*- C

23 GCSE RE Could also be helpful to you!

24 Moby Musician Philosophy University of Connecticut

25 Ricky Gervais Philosophy University College London

26 David Cameron Philosophy, Politics & Economics University of Oxford

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