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Christmas has its origins in the birth of Jesus.

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3 Christmas has its origins in the birth of Jesus.

4 24th December That night the whole family gathers to celebrate the birth of Jesus with a big dinner. At 12 o'clock in the evening they go to church to participate in the Mass of the Rooster.

5 25th December The family meets for a big lunch, celebrating Christmas day, the birth of Jesus.

6 Why is 25th December celebrated? Church placed the commemoration of the birth of Jesus at that time because from ancient times profane celebrations were held around the winter solstice, that is, in honor of the sun.

7 28th December This day is the Holy Innocents ’ day. It's a celebration which commemorates the children martyrs who were killed by the soldiers of Herod. Nowadays it is celebrated by making jokes to people.

8 The Holy Family The feast of the Holy Family is celebrated on Sunday following the day of Christmas. It is the feast of Jesus, Maria and Jose

9 6th January The night from 5 to 6 is the Three Wise Men night. They go to every house leaving us some gifts. It commemorates the visit of the magic kings to see the child Jesus on his birth in Bethlehem.

10 Nativity scene The main religious symbol of Christmas is the nativity scene. It shows Jesus ’ s birth in Bethlehem. Normally there is one in each house at Christmas time.

11 By: Irene Verd ú Susana Á lvarez Lorena de la Iglesia Luc í a Pascual


13 FOOD For Christmas, families meet to enjoy together this celebration. Usually they have roast lamb and shellfish to dinner. At midnight, they take twelve rapes TO? celebrate the New Year ’ s Eve. After this, some people dance and dance the whole night.

14 TRADITIONS On January the 5 th, in the afternoon, families go to the Epiphany parade to see the Three Wise Men on their carriages. At night, they come to the houses to give presents to the people. Children put nuts, anisette and water for the camels.

15 Next morning, people see the presents and open it. At night, they come to the houses to give presents to the people. Children put nuts, anisette and water for the camels.

16 MUSIC All the places this time, put Christmas carols, named ‘ villancicos ’ in Spanish The principal topic is Jesus ’ birth. One of the most famous are Stile Nacht (Noche de paz in Spanish). Many people sing it in the streets or at the doors of shopping centres. It ’ s very funny!

17 In Spain we put a crib, belén in Spanish. There are some figures of Jesus, shepherds, angels… (typical Christmas people).

18 ORNAMENTS. *Sara Ace ñ a *Diego Garc í a-Rama *Jorge L ó pez *Eva Asensio *Pablo Hern á ndez

19 Christmas Tree. It is a tree which we use to remind us the Christmas spirit. Our tradition is to decorate the tree with the family.

20 Nativity scene. It is also a tradition to put a nativity scene in our houses with all the family. The most important part of this ornament is the baby.


22 Christmas is a tradition in which the family meets on Christmas Eve (December 24), Eve (December 31), New Year (January 1) and the Day of “The three wise men” (January 6) for lunch or dinner at this time we have traditional meals like these :

23 FOOD Cordero asado = grillet lamb Pavo = turkey Bacalao = Cod

24 Carne rellena = stuffed meat Marisco = seafood Angulas = elvers

25 Percebes = barnacles Salm ó n ahumado = Smoked salmon Dorada = golden

26 APERITIF Anchoas = anchovies Pasas = raisins Caviar = caviar

27 DRINKS Champan = champagne Sidra = cider Vino = wine

28 DESSERTS Rosc ó n de reyes = rosc ó n of kings Polvorones = polvorones Turr ó n= Turr ó n

29 And in New Year ’ s Eve we eat twelve grapes,wishing people good luck for the next year. We eat each grape at the same time the clock strikes twelve, which sometimes is a bit of a nuisance.

30 Tradicionally in Spain we celebrate the Three Wise Men, they are Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, after Christmas. It is an old tradition which comes from the Bible. They come to every house in the world in their camels. Every 6th of January children get presents. In the last years, by the American influence and the excessive consuption, we also celebrate Santa Claus on 25th of December.

31 At Christmas, people have a Christmas tree in their houses and we put up Crhistmas decorations on it. On the 5th of January each member of the family leaves their shoes, ussualy in the sitting room, waiting for the Tree Wise Men to bring gifts for them the next morning. At night we leave biscuits and drinks for “them and their camels”. In the morning children get up very excited thinking they wi’ll have all the toys and things they have asked in a letter.


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