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1 People Places Potential 1 Investing in people Transforming places Maximising potential

2 People Places Potential 2 Solace Masterclass “Housing” Partnership Working 30 TH SEPTEMBER 2014

3 People Places Potential 3 Setting the Scene Reform, transformation, integration - buzz words for change - design for 21 st century services Austerity programme - catalyst for change - creating positive opportunities Forward thinking LAs at forefront BUT Changes - forced by the austerity programme Current partnerships: City deals, LEPs, share services - Past: BSF, PFI - all partnerships for huge change All leading to mixed economy delivery models People Places Potential “Whoever you vote for, there will be years more of cuts” Sir Bob Kerslake

4 People Places Potential 4 Creating Change Statutory services - reviewing must do, can do, wish to! Managing demand and expectation Solutions for the ageing population - children’s services New delivery models - creating the platform Greater Manchester Service Integration Tri-Borough Contracts Community involvement - to Icelandic crowd sourcing? People Places Potential

5 People Places Potential 5 DIY - Community Integration - NLGN report on business models People Places Potential

6 People Places Potential 6 Housing - Social Regeneration and Mobility Housing - key to education, health, social care, employment, well-being - heading to Social mobility Physical regeneration - must include long-term social and community benefits - 20 years for buildings - people? People Places Potential Infrastructure - transport, schools, health centres, hospitals, shops and businesses - all part of equation Re-thinking services from the Community upwards - not the Civic Centre downwards

7 People Places Potential 7 Housing - Why not add… and What Else? Housing tenancy management Estate services R&M - hard FM Welfare & money management Listening & involving residents Community safety Community interaction Employment &skills training Wider Council front line interaction Social care & wellbeing Regeneration

8 People Places Potential 8 Partnerships - Barriers Silo working in LAs Multi agency protectionism Member control Budgets Trust in the private sector - 7.2% of GDP, 5.4m people Skills and leadership Risk management Letting go! People have to accept the challenge People Places Potential

9 People Places Potential 9 Building a Partnership Model No one model - defining outcomes will determine partners and model - JVs, SPV, Mutual, shared services, etc. Needs leadership - CE/Cabinet - locally one point of accountability - a new leadership? Distinction between strategy and delivery Local members, residents, staff - and private partners - the partnership Clear focussed outcomes - one budget Share risk and reward Payment by results - real business model or get a funder! People Places Potential

10 People Places Potential 10 Cultures Partnerships - the clue is in the word! This is not client/contractor Commissioning and leadership - with 20 year horizons Letting go of old practice - embracing 24/7 digital services Essentially managing people - staff and the community - to achieve common outcomes Understanding failure - just a learning process - speed of decision to change and adapt People Places Potential

11 People Places Potential 11 Commissioning Councils - commissioning and managing markets - Barcelona contracting ideas and solutions Wider market and community consultation People Places Potential Defining outcomes - built in costs and performance Create challenge, transparency and choice Commission then procure the partnership - JV, SPV, Mutual or combination Public, private and third sector - innovative, smarter working Social Value Act - adding value - involving the community Procurement is a process - commissioning is the key! People Places Potential

12 People Places Potential 12 Creating Community Buy-In Using homes as the hub but concentrating on the residents Community needs Choice and involvement Linked services Access to services

13 People Places Potential 13 Community - Buy-In Customer service - citizens participating in design of public services Community needs - individual, multiple and groups Access to services - digital, face to face, local, 24/7 Linked services - action or signposting? Choice and involvement - simple and transparent Information, consultation and transparency Social Value Act - building in community value Managing expectation - “Say what you can deliver and deliver what you say”. People Places Potential

14 People Places Potential 14 Essential to Create Good Partnership 1. Outcomes define model 2. Identify partners - delivery and user 3. Commissioning to achieve outcomes 4. Use the innovation of the public, private and third sector - market intelligence 5. Strong leadership - at all levels 6. A different culture 7. Customer first - transparent services People Places Potential

15 People Places Potential 15 Partnership in Action

16 People Places Potential 16 Discussion - over to you! Neil Euesden, MD - Pinnacle PSG M:07976 345582

17 People Places Potential 17 Investing in people Transforming places Maximising potential

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