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Regular –ar Verbs. To speak hablar To watch mirar.

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1 Regular –ar Verbs

2 To speak hablar

3 To watch mirar

4 To wash lavar

5 To help ayudar

6 To clean limpiar

7 To take care of cuidar

8 To walk caminar

9 To ride (bike, horse) montar

10 To swim nadar

11 To sing cantar

12 To celebrate celebrar

13 To iron planchar

14 To leave (something) dejar

15 To invite invitar

16 To enter entrar

17 To visit visitar

18 To prepare preparar

19 To lift (weights) levantar

20 To take/drink tomar

21 To take, take out sacar sacar

22 To practice practicar

23 To buy comprar

24 To have breakfast desayunar

25 To rest descansar

26 To work trabajar

27 To look for buscar

28 To dance bailar

29 To scuba dive bucear

30 To call llamar

31 To send enviar, mandar

32 To go camping acampar

33 To turn off (lights) apagar

34 To drive manejar

35 To change cambiar

36 To play (music) to touch tocar

37 To go down (lower) bajar

38 To skate patinar

39 To inflate inflarse

40 To return regresar

41 To need necesitar

42 To pay (for) pagar por

43 Verbos Regulares de er/ir

44 To live vivir

45 To attend asistir

46 To decide decidir

47 Should, ought to deber

48 To write escribir

49 To read leer

50 To believe, think creer

51 To drink beber

52 To receive recibir

53 To open abrir

54 To run correr

55 To go up subir

56 To sell vender

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