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Salford Community, Health and Social Care Directorate Investors in People Feedback 2006.

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1 Salford Community, Health and Social Care Directorate Investors in People Feedback 2006

2 “The overall feeling of the organisation is an employer of choice. A significant proportion of the interviewees discussed their work and their employer and managers with passion, pride and excitement about what they are doing to support and make a difference to the residents of Salford.”

3 Areas of Strength Investors in People principles well embedded. E.g. Plan, Do, Review. Focus and drive to develop and implement people practices and to get it right. CPA/IIP/CSCI and feedback recommendations taken seriously by senior management. The right thinking and strategies are in place to meet the current recommendations.

4 Vision, motivation, drive, clarity, pride.

5 Senior Managers Strong team, consistent, dynamic, progressive. Develop people strategies in line with service aims. Provide resource to meet strategies. Empower, visible, accessible, role models.

6 Managers - deliver Equality Recognition Recognition Feedback Feedback Cascade information Encourage development Support learning Involve people in planning

7 Empower people to make decisions. Are clear on how they have improved their own style of management. Behave in line with expectations.

8 Areas for Development Develop SMART Objectives for Service, teams and training. Management skills require enhancing in planning and objective setting. Understanding of how to make consistent links between service/team plans and development and learning. Management skills require enhancing in understanding how to measure impact BEFORE learning activity takes place

9 Management skills require enhancing to allow links between development and improved team performance. Embedding of Management Competency Framework. ALL managers behaving according to policy, framework and expectation.

10 Senior Management Organisational evaluation Impact evaluation Return on investment

11 “An excellent example of how an organisation can go through significant change, ensure the workforce are supported, encourage a strong people culture whilst delivering results against plans, through strong leadership. The assessors would recommend that the organisation become an Ambassador for Investors in People to enable best practice to be shared across other organisations. “

12 IIP Champions work with Investors in People UK to share their expertise with other employers through a series of best practice sharing activities designed to promote effective alignment of people development with business goals

13 The purpose of the Champions programme is to increase the take up of Investors in People through: - Recognising and rewarding: those organisations who have been outstanding in promoting the values and principles of Investors in People and who have led by example in the way they manage and develop their people. - Sharing and learning: to encourage the sharing and dissemination of good practice in people management and development, to maximise learning, support continuous improvement, and raise performance. - Championing the Standard: to encourage organisations to be more proactive in championing the Standard and Profile and by stimulating demand with customers and suppliers.

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