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Written by : Christopher Paul Curtis Presentation by: Samantha Moeller.

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1 Written by : Christopher Paul Curtis Presentation by: Samantha Moeller

2 I Think that this story was well written. Mr. Curtis put a lot of very fine detail into writing this book. I think that it could have had a better ending though. It could have been a few months into the future where Bud is playing his saxophone with the band. Bud could tell us about the past few months, and maybe about how Herman is. It was a great novel, and I would definitely read it again. Christopher Paul Curtis

3 Bud is a high spirited ten year old boy, who is living in he time of the Great Depression. He is an African- American child so he does not have as many rights. Bud’s mother died when he was six so he has been living at the home ever since. Bud is so much like any child; he believes in made up fictional characters, he carries important things with him and he always wants answers. His character is so much like a real person. Bobb’e J. Thompson

4 Herman E. Calloway is a grumpy old bass player. He is never very nice to Bud or really anybody else. He is an African- American so he always had to have a white member of the band to get gigs for the band and to rent property. He is always so grumpy because he was always hoping that his daughter would come home or go to one of his performances. He really is a sentimental person though. Morgan Freeman

5 Miss Thomas is the sweetest lady in the whole wide world. She was so nice to Bud when he came and then when he stayed. She was a mother- like figure for Bud when he came to the Grand Calloway Station. She was an African- American singer in Herman’s band. Her voice was so beautiful that it would brighten anyone’s day. Whitney Houston

6 Steady Eddie is an African- American saxophone player in Herman E. Calloway’s band. Steady was just so nice to Bud. He is almost like the father that Bud never had. It was especially nice when he got Bud a saxophone. Steady is such a kind hearted man. Phill Lewis

7 The setting of the story is in Michigan 1936, during the Great Depression. It plays an important role in the story because if the setting was in a modern day city everything would be different. People would have cell phones and e-mails. Herman could have just texted his daughter or called to see where she was and what had happened. Bud could have just hopped a train to Grand Rapids instead of walking there. The setting plays an important role because if it was set in a different time, everything about technology would be different. The Great Depression

8 The plot of Bud, Not Buddy is that Bud is trying to find his father. One internal conflict is that Bud has to try and decide whether or not to go and find his father. An external conflict that Bud faces is actually getting to Herman E. Calloway. Whenever he tried to do something like boarding the train, things kept happening that seemed like they were trying to keep Bud away from Herman. Obstacles

9 Christopher Paul Curtis- pg pg Bobb’e J. Thompson ( Bud)- miere_191109/bobb'e_j._thompson_2661935.jpg miere_191109/bobb'e_j._thompson_2661935.jpg Whitney Houston (Miss Thomas)- files/imagecache/356x240/news/whitney-houston- i-will-always-love-you-cd-with-5-track-bonus-cd_pf- 222687_xp_0.jpeg files/imagecache/356x240/news/whitney-houston- i-will-always-love-you-cd-with-5-track-bonus-cd_pf- 222687_xp_0.jpeg

10 Phil Lewis (Steady Eddie) - By73XnTO1UE/T9IDO7dy5QI/AAAAAAAAAlw /Ln2cCo0JOHw/s1600/phill-lewis2.jpg By73XnTO1UE/T9IDO7dy5QI/AAAAAAAAAlw /Ln2cCo0JOHw/s1600/phill-lewis2.jpg Great Depression- content/uploads/2012/03/us-history-great- depression-picture.png content/uploads/2012/03/us-history-great- depression-picture.png Obstacles- content/uploads/2012/01/facebook- obstacles.png content/uploads/2012/01/facebook- obstacles.png


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