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Computer security Viruses Hacking Backups

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1 Computer security Viruses Hacking Backups
This presentation includes information about what these are and how to protect your computer from them.

2 Viruses In this presentation there is information on what a virus is and how you can protect your computer from them.

3 What is a virus ? A virus is a bug that can get into your computer and if it does then it can damage your computer system.

4 How bad can viruses be ? Viruses can harm your computer and in some cases make your computer crash they can also send messages to all of your friends in your address book which may contain information that you don’t want to share with your friends. They can even damage the files on your computer.

5 Are there different types of viruses ?
Yes there are many different types of viruses including ‘ viruses’ ‘I love you virus’ ‘Melissa viruses’ ‘Happy99 virus’ And many more!

6 The ‘I love you virus’. The ‘I love you virus’ sends messages to people in your address book this may get you in big trouble depending on what it says because it will say that the was from you.

7 Can you stop your self from getting a virus ?
Yes you can minimise the chance of getting a virus, by using anti-virus software. This can be a free download or a disc. This software detects any viruses that could potentially harm your computer.

8 What are the drawbacks of using anti-virus software ?
Anti-virus software can be quite expensive and you have to buy a new, updated one every year. Also it takes time to load it onto your computer every year so that it protects your computer from new viruses that have been invented every year.

9 Stuxnet Stuxnet is a windows computer worm which attacks systems, regularly used in nuclear facilities.

10 Hacking This presentation includes information about what hacking is and how you can minimise the chance of you r computer being hacked.

11 What is hacking ? Hacking is where someone has unauthorised access to your computer files or private images , CV’s and even wills.

12 What damage can hackers do ?
Hackers can delete files and adjust anything on your computer that they want to adapt they can even send spam messages from your computer.

13 How can you stop hackers being able to get on your computer ?
One way of stopping hackers from getting into your computer is to secure your computer with a password. Or you can install a software called firewall stops unauthorised access into your computer.

14 UK laws that prevent hackers taking place.
If you get caught hacking a computer then you could be arrested and this could be for up to 10years in some cases.

15 Backups This presentation tells you all about backing up your computer so that If your computer crashes.

16 Why is it important to back up your work and information.
It is important to back up all of your data onto something other than your computers hard-drive in case your computer/laptop crashes or it gets a virus.

17 Where should you keep your backed up data?
It is a good idea to keep your backed up data as far away from your computer as possible. It may also be a

18 What should you back up your work on to?
You could back up all of your work and information onto a disc, memory stick or a floppy disc.

19 How can you keep your backup secure, so that the data is always secure?
You can keep your data secure by not letting it get too hot and melting and if it is on a USB stick you can protect it with a password.

20 Thank you for watching

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