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All Kids Have Feelings By: Perry Browne Students Participating in School Counseling.

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1 All Kids Have Feelings By: Perry Browne Students Participating in School Counseling

2 The following slides contain quotes from Perry Browne students. These are their thoughts, their issues, their words. The intention of this presentation is to raise awareness of the varied feelings, difficult situations, and concerns that our students come to school with every day. School Counselors help students identify, express, and manage their emotions so they can focus on the important tasks of learning, getting along with others, and being successful. *The photographs were selected by Perry Browne students from Google Images.*

3 What we know about feelings: All kids have feelings. Adults have feelings too. Animals have feelings, but we’re not sure about fish. Some feelings are fun to have. Some feelings are not fun to have. We can learn good ways to deal with our feelings.

4 Happy I felt happy when… I heard my name on the announcements at school. I got Leader of the Month. My Mom came home from rehab. I baked cookies. I got my new dog.

5 Excited I felt excited when… I went to Water Safari. I went to a fancy restaurant (Pizza Hut). My dad came home from Iraq. I went to the mall. It was Christmas time.

6 Sad I felt sad when… My aunt died of cancer. My dad had to go to jail. My dog died. She was 18 in human years. I think that is 108 in dog years. My cousin died in a car accident. She was also my best friend. My mom left in the middle of the night without even saying goodbye.

7 Worried I was worried when… My sister was in the hospital. I missed the bus. I found out my dad was not really my dad. I couldn’t find my friend at Bowman Lake and then my Dad was worried because he couldn’t find me. I might be moving far away. My cat didn’t come home. My mom got drunk and said she was going to kill herself.

8 Scared I was scared when… My parents were fighting. I was three and I almost skied off a cliff! I was all alone in my house. I went on a really fast roller coaster. My step-father’s dog bit me in the face. I am scared to play outside because there are a lot of sex offenders on my street.

9 Shocked I was shocked when… I heard that my Grandma was dying. I found out we had to move from our big house to a small trailer. I saw my puppy get hit by a car.

10 Disappointed I was disappointed when… I got a failing grade. My sister got spoiled and I didn’t. My dad didn’t come to visit me when he said he would. My mom didn’t call me on my birthday.

11 Upset I was upset when… My mom had to have surgery. The police came to my house. I couldn’t visit my father, because he didn’t pay child support. I thought that no one cared about me.

12 Excellent I felt excellent when… I helped my mom clean her bedroom. I got a 100 on my math test. My dog cuddled up with me. I earned my medal for 100 Book Challenge.

13 What we have learned about feelings: All feelings are okay. It’s what we do with them that counts. We can choose to express feelings in ways that don’t hurt anyone. It is good to talk about feelings and to solve problems. It is nice when friends try to cheer you up when you are crying. It is okay to feel happy in school even if things are not going well at home.

14 Thank you for watching.

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