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Course Welcome INLS 541: Information Visualization Brad Hemminger.

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1 Course Welcome INLS 541: Information Visualization Brad Hemminger

2 Background on Instructor SILS faculty for over a decade. Interests include visualization, HCI, scholarly communications, information seeking/use, digital libraries, databases, biomedical informatics. Prior to that was researcher in Radiology department in the school of medicine. Worked on a number of visualizations/user interfaces for 2D and 3D display of medical images (3D Chest).3D Chest You can find out most of what you want to know about me from my SILS webpages.SILS webpages Family

3 Background on course One of my passions and large part of my research work is Information Visualization. I’ll share some examples during the course. This is intended as seminar course, but due to demand, it is more lecture style, but my aim is to still have lots of discussion and hands on work activities. We have a diverse collection of backgrounds and experiences in our class members. We’ll do student introductions as part of Assignment 1 where you make a visualization to introduce yourself.

4 Help Influence this Course! I have way more material for this course than I can cover in one semester. So each semester I emphasize areas based on student’s interests. So, YOU HAVE SOME CONTROL in what we cover by telling me your interests (today and next class). I’ll use this information to customize the course, the presentations and assignments.

5 What to Expect in this Course 1-2 readings a week, discussion in class about readings 1-2 exercises or assignments each week. You’ll work them before class, we’ll review in class. We’ll also work some in- class exercises during classes. Collaborative learning. I believe in working in groups, sharing and learning from each other. We’ll post our work to shared spaces so we can learn form each other. Students and instructor review and critique of everyone’s work (this is critical because of the size of the class). I believe you learn best by exposing you to ideas and information, giving you guidance on best practices, and then learning by doing. We will practice what we learn through exercises and assignments, and then being challenged to use our skills in a high quality effort on a larger scale (midterm and final projects).

6 House Keeping/Administrivia Assignment “0” Did you add yourself to the Class roster so I can enable you to edit all the class pages? Have you visited the main class pages? (view them) ▫ Class Work wiki pages? ▫ The Readings pages? ▫ Resources pages? Have you added yourself to the email listserv?

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