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Designing Enterprise Mobility Cortado Corporate Server.

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1 Designing Enterprise Mobility Cortado Corporate Server

2 Why Cortado Corporate Server? One, easy-to-use solution that covers all aspects of Enterprise Mobility, for any-sized business Fully optimized for the leading mobility platforms – Apple’s iOS 7 & Samsung Android Supporting all other platforms like BlackBerry, Windows Phone and even including PCs and Macs A Windows-based solution, fully integrated with Active Directory, making it extremely easy to manage and maintain Cortado Corporate Server

3 Highlights of Previous Versions Active-Directory based access to all network drives Active-Directory based dynamic group management PowerShell support Network printing Mobile printing Cortado Sync for PC and Mac HTML5 Client for PC and Mac Seamless integration of iOS, Android & BlackBerry devices Samsung SAFE support Enterprise Search Cortado Corporate Server

4 Cortado Corporate Server 7 Based on what Apple has created, Cortado Corporate Server offers businesses wide-ranging features allowing: Maximum manageability The highest levels of security Unparalleled productivity gains A seamless user experience

5 What’s New in Cortado Corporate Server 7 E-Mail Account Push Managed Open In Per app VPN Wi-Fi & VPN configuration Application Push Fully redesigned apps New individual apps Native iOS 7 container Windows 2012 support SCEP server included Improved file viewing, sharing & searching

6 Application Push All apps can now be pushed to devices as managed apps Enterprises decide which apps they want their corporate data to interact with This is just one of many features that enable Cortado Corporate Server to create a secure container

7 E-Mail Account Push With Cortado Corporate Server 7 e- mail accounts are automatically deployed to users, further iOS 7 features ensure that attachments remain within the corporate environment Administrators have to take no additional steps when new devices are integrated Users have instant access to their e- mail account, significantly reducing helpdesk requests during setup. They get to work immediately and no loss of productivity occurs

8 Managed Open In Allows enterprises to decide which apps can be used to share corporate data Ensures that corporate data remains secure by allowing the option to exclude apps deemed unsecure, or in the public cloud Only covers corporate data, users are not hindered when dealing with their private data

9 Per App VPN The company decides which iOS apps route data through the corporate VPN Less bandwidth requirements are necessary, plus an effective VPN connection is available for users with corporate data being transmitted via the company’s secure VPN connection Examples of iOS apps that can be excluded are YouTube, Skype, Vine & Spotify

10 Wi-Fi & VPN Configuration Wi-Fi & VPN settings are configured easily via Cortado Corporate Server’s Management Console They can then be instantly rolled out to individual iOS users, groups or the entire enterprise Wi-Fi certificates ensure users automatically have the right settings and only access Wi-Fi networks with approved Apple devices, significantly increasing security levels for the enterprise

11 Completely Redesigned Apps Cortado’s user interface is constantly tested by over 350,000 users of the free Cortado Workplace app Constant feedback from users and enterprise customers allows us to optimize our iOS and Android clients The user interface has been fully re-designed to match the iOS 7 ex perience

12 New Individual Apps Apps will continue to be available for iOS 6 More features will be added for the iOS 7 app with future updates New iOS 7 apps Secure Browser File Access & Sharing MailAny other managed app Scan-to-PDF Page2PDF Per app VPN + managed open in + single sign on = secure container

13 Native iOS 7 Container Cortado Corporate Server 7 creates a native container for iOS 7 devices, even including the pushed mail app which users prefer to use It builds upon this container by adding secure file access and sharing, a secure web browser and pre-selected apps Mobile Device & Application Management using Cortado Corporate Server 7 with iOS 7 guarantee the highest levels of security Secure Browser File Access & Sharing Mail Any other managed app

14 Windows 2012 Support Cortado Corporate Server 7 fully supports Windows 2012 If your company is planning to upgrade to Windows 2012, you can be guaranteed that Cortado Corporate Server is optimized and will run without any limitations on Windows 2012

15 SCEP Server Included Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) is a simplified means of handling certificates for large-scale implementation to everyday users Certificates are essential for effective MDM and secure communication between the server, clients and users One of the main advantages is that purchasing the enterprise version of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 is not necessary

16 Improved File Sharing, Viewing and Searching Cortado Corporate Server 7 has significantly enhanced file viewing Virtually all file formats are supported SharePoint support Improved File Sync Upgraded Enterprise Search

17 Integration in Your Existing IT Backend Mobile printing E-mail Rights system Database Fax 100% Made in Germany On Premise Active Directory integration 5 Star Rating with more than 350,000 Users Mobile Device ManagementMobile Application Management Devices UsersCertificates Policies File Sharing for the Enterprise File server HTML5 Client Native apps Multi-Level Security Concept iOS7 & Samsung KNOX compatible Encryption Full lifecycle security Cortado Corporate Server 7 Overview Corporate apps Recommended apps Mandatory apps Intranet

18 Prices, Update Subscriptions & Licensing Cortado Corporate Server 7 has clear and transparent licensing options Never worry about hidden device costs if employees have multiple devices Benefit from simple, scalable user-based pricing that matches the needs of your business Available from just: $4.97 / €3.97 per month, per user or $119.00 / €97.00 one-time fee per user

19 Cortado Corporate Server 7: Get Your Business Ready for Enterprise Mobility Cortado Corporate Server combines file sharing, MDM, MAM, cloud printing, an enterprise app store (including virtual Windows Apps) in one, easy-to- manage, cost-effective and secure solution When combined, Cortado Corporate Server 7, iOS 7 and Samsung empower you to design the ideal enterprise mobility strategy

20 Cortado Corporate Server 7 Designing Enterprise Mobility Thank You for Participating

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