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A presentation for UVA Medical Students in the GSP program.

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1 A presentation for UVA Medical Students in the GSP program

2  What you have to say is WORTH remembering and is important!  Don’t, don’t, ever be dull!

3  Ask yourself this question in advance:  Who are you trying to reach?  How do they get their information?  So, what should my main messages be?  Then answer them to yourself  Practice the answer over and over

4  Always have a firm idea of what you’re going to say and how to say it  Use pithy, punchy conversational sentences  Avoid medical, scientific jargon  Please don’t ever be patronizing or haughty  Use high energy and heightened language  Use catchy introductory lines such as “what nobody’s talking about is..”

5  High energy (again)  Make eye contact with reporters  Be dynamic  As a physician don’t be sloppy (collared shirt, even a tie for men/ no garish jewelry on women)  White coats can wash out. Scrubs look good.

6  Don’t ever, ever say anything you DO NOT WANT USED in print or on TV or radio  There is no such thing as “off the record”  What you say can and will be reported  Pay attention to privacy rules/ laws  Can give info on background in which your name will not be used

7  A medical column in local paper/ magazine (go to publisher/ editor they won’t come to you)  A medical segment on local TV or radio, usually mornings or early afternoon shows. (Call or email news director. They won’t come to you)  Establish and maintain relationships with news directors and editors. Let them know they can come to you for quotes/perspective

8  Find stats or data to localize a national medical/ scientific story  Spoon-feed those media relationships  Find a news peg like a holiday or event  Journalists need you to DO THEIR JOB FOR THEM, especially on medical, scientific beat  If you are proactive, the media can be an ally

9  Network TV/ radio & national newspapers (USA Today, WSJ, NY Times, WashPost, NPR)  Local TV, radio & newspapers  Websites, blogs, FB, Twitter feeds, etc  Public Access TV (don’t waste time unless invited & can’t turn down)  Depending on audience & budget, PAID media is often more effective. E.G.: ads in papers/ magazines

10  You wish to make the community aware of an activity on campus that they can attend (Mini- Med School)  You wish to educate the public about an important public health issue (H1N1)

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