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Tips from Teens for Teens About Life, Love, and NOT Getting Pregnant.

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1 Tips from Teens for Teens About Life, Love, and NOT Getting Pregnant

2 Thinking “it won’t happen to me” is stupid – if you don’t protect yourself, it probably will. Sex is serious. Make a plan! Sex is serious. Make a plan

3 Just because you think “everybody’s doing it,” doesn’t mean they are. Some are, some aren’t and some are lying.

4 YOU are in charge of your life! Don’t let anyone pressure you into a relationship until you are absolutely sure you are ready. Never, ever let anyone pressure you into having sex.

5 Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right? If your partner does these things, you should keep on looking… Acts Jealous or Possessive Insults You Ignores Boundaries Hurts You Physically Controls where you go Won’t let you be with friends Texts or IMs you constantly Love should be patient and kind. Not rushed and forced. If someone is pressuring you. That isn’t love. Love will wait.

6 Think sending him nude pictures or explicit text messages is fun or flirty? Think again! Once it’s out there, it is out of your control. Cyberspace is forever!

7 Sex won’t make him yours, and a baby won’t make him stay.

8 Using protection is just being smart- it doesn’t mean you’re pushy or easy.

9 You can always say “no” – Even if you’ve said “yes” before.

10 If you think carrying a condom ruins the mood, consider what a pregnancy will do to it.

11 Not ready to be a parent? It’s simple: don’t have sex or use protection every time.

12 If you’re drunk or high you can’t make good decisions about anything – especially sex. Don’t do something you might not remember or might really regret.

13 Help your parents out - be patient if they want to talk to you about relationships, sex, or contraception. These conversations can be awkward for them, too.

14 When it comes to sex, teens get tons of advice. But seldom do adults ask teens what they think. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy asked teens from all over the country what they thought about relationships, sex and pregnancy. This slide show contains their answers. Look for these answers in the iplan brochure available from

15 Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Bureau For Public Health Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health Family Planning Program WV APPI influences and supports teens as they explore and determine responsible sexual and reproductive options for their future.

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